You’ve got a gorgeous dress for Valentine’s Day and the perfect lipstick to go with the getup. All that’s missing now? Gorgeous Valentine’s Day nails that completes the look.

The best type of nail look to sport this Valentine’s Day is one that is discreet: it’s gorgeous, and your partner and you know that it’s special, but you can still wear it without anyone asking you about your Valentine’s Day date any day of the year.

Sounds like a lot of requirements to share with your manicurist? It’s a good thing we’ve got the inspirations right here for you to show it to her.

Glitter nails for Valentine’s Day

Glitter gives a celebratory touch to just about anything and can instantly glam up any look. These looks are elegant, sweet, and edgy – there’s something for everyone.

Wild prints on nails for Valentine’s Day

If you have a wild streak, these animal-print nails may catch your (and your special someone’s) eye.

Mismatched nails for Valentine’s Day

For something playful, ask for your regular look, but with a twist – simply by sporting a mismatched design on your ring finger. And if a proposal happens on that day – well, you’d never know! – you can be sure the ring (and finger) can stand out even more on your Instagram photo.

Short nail designs for Valentine’s Day

Short nails can still rock a great manicure design. The trick? Keep it understated. Here are two looks to consider.

Graphic nails for Valentine’s Day

Wear your heart on your… nails. These bold looks are so cute and chic, you would keep them on even after Valentine’s Day is over.

Matte nails for Valentine’s Day

Matte nails exude a cool chick vibe that says you don’t really go with the mainstream. It certainly also go better with getups that aren’t too “girly”, which is perfect for outdoorsy dates.

Bold nails for Valentine’s Day

Is “go big or go home” your middle name? Then these looks are going to so up your alley. These are also fantastic if you’re anti-Valentine’s.

Word-art nails for Valentine’s Day

They say a picture -or in this case, your nails – speaks a thousand words. Nail looks accented with words are understated but fun.

French manicure for Valentine’s Day

If you want a classy and super wearable look, look no further: try French manicure. The inspirations below come with an interesting twist makes sure they’re never boring.

Clear acrylic nails for Valentine’s Day

Acrylic gives you the nail look that you want even if you have no patience to grow out your nails. For an unexpected take on a simple nail look, try these clear acrylic nails with a marble or star accent!

Dotted nails for Valentine’s Day

If you’re a sucker for trends, this understated, super minimal look spotted on celebrities like Awkwafina may just be your new favourite. To celebrate the day of love, choose a bright red or pink.

Half-moon nails for Valentine’s Day

Half-moon nails are another classic that’s coming back in trend. Here are a few looks that work for Valentine’s Day and any regular day.

Studded nails for Valentine’s Day

You may have a diamond on your finger, but why let your fingers have all the fun?