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The beauty blogosphere is a constant hotbed of clever, sometimes quirky ideas. This time, we turn the spotlight on the top five antics that beauty aficionados have done in the name of love. Weird or cool? You decide.

1. Neck contouring

This head-scratching trend has been making waves on Instagram, as shown on beauty vlogger @mwhairstyles’ Instagram feed. The YouTuber has been sharing images of slimming her neck using different shades of foundation, which is frankly not that unimaginable when you consider the fact that industry insiders, such as M.A.C Cosmetics Senior Artist Regan Rabanal, have reportedly been doing the makeup trick for years. Mwhairstyles’ efforts apparently are paying off, having attracted 82,000 Instagram followers at last count.

2. Clown contouring

As its name suggests, this is an exaggerated method of applying highlight, shadow and blush not unlike how a circus performer applies face paint before a show. What’s different about this contouring technique is the flawless outcome that appears when the colours are all blended thoroughly.

Popularised by YouTube beauty vlogger BellaDeLune, it was initiated as a fight back against online trolls who mocked her makeup approach. Our very own writer, Tiara S. Dusqie also gave clown contouring a try and she thinks it’s pretty awesome!


3. Strobing

strobing tutorial and products

Beauty influencers, such as Michelle Phan, have written about it, while some websites name it “colourless contouring”. But this highlighting trick is really just about making you look polished while doing half the work of contouring. The difference between the two is actually pretty simple: strobing is the highlighting half of contouring only. The essence of the technique is to keep it simple – no blending of dark and light or layering products with the goal to produce a fresh, dewy look.

4. Fake freckles

If you’re a fan of Emma Stone and Lucy Liu, you might want to give the “fake freckles” trend a go. Runway darling Kendall Jenner drew some on her face, and getting spotted became an instant hit. Before one can say “laser”, YouTube tutorials were soon available to create the fake-freckled look. If you prefer a less fuss-free freckling method, check out the Kickstarter campaign Freck Yourself: First Semipermanent Freckle Cosmetic where you’ll be able to stick on your own pre-made disposable freckles.

5. My Little Pony-inspired hair = Brony hair

A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

To visualize this trend, imagine a burst of My Little Pony colour on top of your head instead of your usual hair. Famous fans of this Paddle Pop-coloured hair explosion include pop star Katy Perry and model Cara Delevigne and pop star Katy Perry sporting rainbow-colored locks. Due to the limited lifespan of this colour, it was eventually surpassed by the more practical one-color only style.