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rainbow highlighter


In recent months, this rainbow highlighter has been all the rage. Homemade by Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty, this rainbow highlighter has seen bids of up to $1225 per pop. Impressive or what?

This is how it looks like when you apply it:

A photo posted by @bitter.lace.beauty on

If you are adventurous enough jump onto the rainbow bandwagon, then check out some of these other interesting rainbow beauty looks:

1. Sparkly Rainbow Nails

Because the only other thing better than rainbows are glittery ones! The most interesting part of this tutorial is that the vlogger didn’t even use nail polish for those gorgeous colours; it’s just highlighter! Yes, the sort you use in school! Watch how she does it.

2.  Rainbow Eyeliner

Be the centre of attention with this unique way of wearing your eyeliner.

3. Rainbow Eyelash

And if you were thinking, could there be anything else on the rainbow trend? Yes there is. A sure way to be the centre of attention of the party, get rainbow eyelashes.

4. Rainbow Hair

And if you’re adventurous, rainbow hair! Instead of sending you off to your hairstylist, here’s a DIY tutorial that comes with a twist, carrying off from the ongoing pastel trend.