How will 100+ coats of nail polish look on your nails? This YouTuber demonstrates and shows you

We typically apply just three or four coats of nail polish for our regular manicure; have you ever wondered how your nails would look like if you were to put on 100+ layers of it?

If you’re curious, check out this video by YouTuber Cristine (Simply Nailogical) who has acceded to viewers’ requests to embark on this challenge. The YouTuber took pains to apply 100+ coats of nail polish (with waits in between layers so they could dry), taking no breaks besides having some coffee and pizza through the challenge. Call this the Subaru challenge in the beauty world!

Watch her video here, it’s oddly gratifying!


Today's Beauty Tip

Foundation may not be able to cover up deep wrinkles. Instead, use a small amount of highlighter around wrinkled areas. This can reflect light and make wrinkles appear less obvious.