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You might have noticed YouTube vloggers rising up to the 100 layers challenge. This challenge involves applying 100 layers of a certain beauty product. Initially, it started off to mimic Kylie Jenner’s plump lips by applying multiple layers of the Kylie Lip Kit, but other creative vloggers began improvising – hence, the 100 Layers Challenge was born! While some videos were disturbing, the results of others were completely hilarious. Click on the arrows to see our picks for the craziest and bravest attempts, and satisfy your curiosity of how 100 layers of lipstick, nail polish, foundation, and mascara look.

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100 Coats of Lipstick

In this video, Beauty Vlogger Mayra (mayratouchofglam) applies 100 coats of  liquid lipstick using 50 different products. Mayra began her challenge at 4.18 p.m. but only finished close to 1.00 a.m. that night! Moreover, the end-product was also suffocating, cakey and had even hardened. Regardless, Mayra’s video has earned her more than 12 million views. Furthermore, most commenters applaud and admire her effort. For her perseverance and patience, we’ve decided to give Mayra an A for effort!

100 Layers of Nail Polish

Cristine (Simply Nailogical) is a nail-art vlogger who started the #polishmountain challenge and completed it…..TWICE! Each challenge took her approximately 12 hours, where she ends up with colourful mountains on her fingertips! Though the discomfort and effort were extreme, Cristine remained bubbly throughout. Fortunately, her popularity on social media has recently heightened as the #polishmountain videos have been featured on DailyMail and Popsugar! In fact, they are the two most watched videos on her channel with over 15 million and 7 million views respectively.

100 Layers of Foundation

In this video, Jeely painstakingly applies 100 layers of liquid foundation with a beauty blender. The 3-hour process appeared to be extremely torturous – as Jeely complained frequently about the grease. She even had to use a hairdryer to set the foundation! In the end, Jeely ended up with a cakey, greasy and pasty look. Nevertheless, Jeely’s 100 Layers Challenge attracted more than 7 million views to date. In fact, this is Jeely’s most-watched video.

100 layers of mascara

But before the 100 layers of foundation video, which was Jeely’s most popular one, she has challenged herself with the 100 layers of mascara challenge – her first of the 100 layers challenges (she has also done a 100 layers of face masks video).

Jenna Marbles’ Ulimate 100 Layers Challenge

This video is the King of all the 100 layers challenge – done by one of the queens of YouTube, Jenna Marbles (JennaMarbles).

Jenna has over 16 million subscribers. She gained inspiration from Cristine’s #polishmountain challenge to do this “epic” beauty video where she does 100 layers of fake eyelashes, foundation, spray tan, hair spray, nail polish, and lipstick! After 7.5 hours, Jenna completes the 100 Layers Challenge. She ends up with porcupine-like eyelashes, a greasy face, a very tanned left hand, sticky hair, mountains for nails and caked lips. Indeed, this was the ultimate 100 layers challenges, which fortunately,  earned her more than 7.5 million views within a week.

Beauty trends can be weird

One moment everyone’s trying to achieve a thigh gap, and the next, we’re all crazy over a jelly lipstick. (The latest obsession is a cleanser that dispenses foam that looks exactly like a rose.) The world of beauty can be rather unpredictable but hey, it’s incredibly fun.

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