Happy Lunar New Year!

What do you get when you merge a food junkie and a makeup junkie? This #FaceFullofFoodChallenge, probably!

makeup-maven-face-full-of-food-challenge challenge

Raychel Newton, who is known as @makeup_maven on Instagram, created a full makeup look – from foundation and blush to brow powder and lipstick – using only food. Watch how she does it in her video, and read on to find out what she used:

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What food products did Makeup Maven use for her #FaceFullofFoodChallenge?

Brows: Cacao powder to fill in, and butter to slick them down
Foundation: Cacao powder and lucuma powder
Eyes: Honey as primer, coffee grounds and mac-and-cheese powder for eyelids, set with flour. Tips of coconut husk is burnt and stuck to lids as false lashes.
Face contour: Chocolate bar
Face blush: Red gelatin powder
Lips: Beetroot for colour, coconut oil for shine.