7 Halloween look inspirations that will definitely make you stand out from the party crowd

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Halloween is coming up…. have you decided who you’re going to be? Whether you’re heading for a Halloween party or dress-up chill-time with your friends, here are some ideas for your Halloween getup. Click on the arrows below to check out Halloween makeup ideas that will make you stand up from the crowd, for sure.

1. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn has been killing it on social media with her edgy, dangerous and fierce character on recent movie, Suicide Squad. Nikkietutorials posted a more glamorous tutorial of Harley’s makeup in the movie that is intricate but easy to replicate. Nikkie uses the highly-raved-about beauty blender to do her foundation and also cherry red and cobalt blue eyeshadow for Harley’s signature playful look which can be completed with a blonde wig and pigtails.

2. Pikachu

Everyone’s favourite yellow Pokemon. This makeup look by Pastel Kitten, however, involves a great deal of highlighting – make sure you have a solid stash of highlighters and brushes for a neater look. Also, the long lashes and winged eyeliner make this a rather playful but edgy Pikachu look. It might be difficult to get the two perfect circles on your cheeks and the cute nose, so be patient and practise before the big day! Pair this look with a cute Pikachu onesie.

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