Happy Lunar New Year!
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3. Dory (Mermaid Adaption)

Here is a mermaid adaption of everybody’s favourite forgetful blue fish Dory from Finding Nemo (2002) and Finding Dory (2016)! In this video, Promise Phan uses a selection of waterproof makeup which effectively saves her the trouble of dealing with smudged makeup after a dip in the pool. The edgy blue eyeliner and nude lips create a dainty but adventurous look that would be fun for a Halloween party.

4. Justin Bieber

This makeup tutorial would make you (yes, you, a girl) look just like the Biebs! While everybody’s favourite pop culture icon has managed to swoon the hearts of many girls, this makeup look is surprisingly easy. Kandee Johnson demonstrates effective contouring and highlighting to get Justin’s slim face and sharp chin. Throw on some bling, a snap back with a casual pair of jeans, and an oversized tee – you’re good to go.

5. Belle from Beauty & the Beast

If you’re opting for a softer look, this classic Belle look would be suitable. With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming up in 2017, this look would be great as something classy and glamorous. The best part is that it’s so easy! No complicated contouring required, and you can even wear this in the day to work, and then change into your costume for the party at night.

6. Grumpy Cat

Ever wanted to know what made Grumpy Cat so grumpy all the time? Now you can! Surprisingly, this makeup look by ThreadBanger can be easily achieved with dark brown shades below the eyes and nostrils and white eyeshadow for the rest of the face. Threadbanger has also included a DIY tutorial for a Spirit Hood at the end of the video. This look is best worn with a grouchy pout for the full Grumpy Cat look.

7. CL from 2NE1


This makeup tutorial by SARANG is inspired by CL of 2NE1. It’s based on her signature winged eyeliner look. This is an edgy and yet easy look for anyone looking to bring out their eyes for a Halloween party or just a fun night out. This bad girl look, however, requires a lot of contouring around the chin to mimic CL’s sharp nose and slim face.

Just a suggestion not to overdo the eyeliner, otherwise, you might look like a panda.

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