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Keith and I just did our pre-wedding photoshoot. If you were to ask me how it went, I’d say: fun, tiring and kind of awkward. Well, it’s just kind of weird to kiss on demand (of the photographer), I guess?

Besides needing to smile in about 200 shots for 10 hours, I also spent some time the day before the shoot to pack my bag, making sure I’ve got all grounds covered. By this, I mean the beauty (and non-beauty) essentials that are going to be integral to our comfort at the day-long activity.

Here are 11 beauty items I’ve packed:

#1: Facial Mask

sk-ii facial treatment mask

Hydrated skin that’s well-nourished will help make your complexion glows in way makeup can never emulate. Also, hydrated skin will mean allowing makeup to adhere better.

I packed: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. This is saturated generously with the Facial Treatment Essence and leaves the skin feeling soothed, refreshed and moisturised after 15 minutes of application. To save time, I did this on the car while on the way to the studio.

#2: Sunscreen

Loads of it. This is particularly important for outdoor photography, because the last thing you want is looking like a cooked lobster in photos, and then peel like crazy at the end of the day. In Singapore, good weather just means hot weather (you don’t want rain on the day of your shoot!) and hot weather means wear your sunscreen.

vmv hypoallergenics armada sport 70

I packed: VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70. This has a super lightweight formula that doesn’t leave any white film. Plus, it provides a coverage of SPF70!

#3: Lip Balm

You’re unlikely to have a lot of chances to drink water regularly, although when you get the chance for a breather, you should certainly drink up! My lips chap easily and besides feeling super uncomfortable, your lipstick is never going to be able to stay on dry, peeling lips.

philosophy kiss me tonight

I packed: Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight. This is one of my favourite lip balms because of how effective it is. However, it comes in a small jar that requires you to dab with your finger and apply it, which isn’t the smartest product to use on something like a pre-wedding shoot where your fingers may not be very clean, and you probably have long nails manicured for the occasion that makes it hard to pick up the balm. Upon retrospect, I should have brought along my Maybelline Baby Lips balm instead.

#4: Anti-Perspirant

Keeping dry and sweet-smelling is important when you’re running around and changing from gown to gown. This ensures that you always feel dry and comfortable.

Triple Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray

I packed: Triple Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant Spray. This has a refreshing floral fragrance that keeps me smelling good even without perfume. It also keeps me dry all day. I like that it’s a spray because it’s much easier to apply (compared to a roll-on). I actually brought this along and sprayed it along the underbust area because I was perspiring a bit there in the mid of the shoot.

#5: Herbal Ointment

Just to be safe, bring along a ointment that can soothe insect bites and redness. You don’t want any redness to sh0w up on pictures or itch to prevent you from showing your best side.


I packed: Apivita Herbal Cream Gel With Arnica. This gel helps to soothe insect bites, but also bruises, swellings caused by falls or sprains, muscular pains and tired feet. While I, thankfully, didn’t need to use it that day, I will definitely recommend bringing a multi-tasker like this along.

#6: Blister Soothing Cream

It’s no fun wearing high heels shoes for an extended period of time. While I’m in slippers most of the time during the shoot (now you know!), I still brought along a brand new pair of heels that I wore in most of studio shots. I had to make sure that I wasn’t hurting from a pair of shoes that I haven’t worn in.

dermal therapy blistop

I packed: Dermal Therapy Blistop. This is the awesome formula that my mother swears by to stop blisters from forming. I sprayed this generously onto my feet, on areas that I’m prone to blisters, let it dry for a few minutes, before wearing my new shoes. I brought it along with me just in case I missed any spots.

#7: Oil-Blotting Papers

Your skin is definitely going to oil up. And if your makeup artist follows you during the shoot, what’s she’s going to do is probably to apply more powder to mattify your skin. While it does the job and you can’t tell the thickness of makeup from the photos most of the time, it can be very uncomfortable to be wearing so many layers of foundation.

mai maison salicylic acid blotter papiers

I packed: Mai Couture Salicylic Acid Blemish Control Oil Blotting Papiers. I figured that the combination of stale makeup, polluted air and sebum is going to be a recipe for breakouts. This is why I brought along these papers that are infused with ultra-absorbent powders and salicylic acid, which help to mattify skin while fighting off blemish-causing bacteria. Makeup feels and looks refreshed after some dabbing.

#8: Moisturising Mist

You know a moisturising mist can help perk up your skin and set your makeup. Pass it to your makeup artist to see if she thinks it’s useful during touch-ups. Otherwise, this is great simply spraying onto your neck or back to cool down your body.

ettusais puru puru mist

I packed: Ettusais Puru Puru Mist. This is a jelly moisturiser that spritz out as a non-sticky mist. It gives skin a refreshing moisture boost and is super small and portable. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate skin instantly.

#9: Tension Relief

Headache or sudden dizziness may just creep up to you when you’re rushing around without proper meals. Make sure you bring along something that can relieve you of such issues.

peace of mind

I packed: Origins Peace Of Mind. This is an on-the-spot relief that Keith swears by. Just two dabs of this mind-clearing formula on places like the back of the neck, temples and earlobes and you’ll feel tension and pressure melt away.

10. Nail Clipper

Great for repairing chipped nails and even stray strings, a nail clipper will be useful for minor mishaps.

11. Makeup Remover

If you can’t stand that icky feeling of stale makeup that’s been piled on layers over layers throughout the day and can’t wait to rid of it, bring along your makeup remover. This way, you can cleanse your skin and feel more refreshed right after you’re done for the day. Then, head for supper right away! (Psst, the mister is going to need it to remove his makeup too.)

shu uemura cleansing oil

I packed: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. This is a gentle formula that effectively removes makeup without the need for double cleansing.

What else would you bring to the pre-wedding shoot?