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Brides-to-be, your hairstylist is probably going to spend a lot of time on your hair, getting it right and changing the styles a few times for different dresses, so make sure you’ve adequately prepared your hair so she/he can work her/his magic on it. Here are tips you should pick up:

1-2 Week(s) Before The Shoot/Wedding

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Trim your hair: You want your hair to be neat, vibrant and free from split ends. And the best way to ensure this is to get a good trim a week or two before you need your hair to look perfect. Word of caution: Don’t try anything too drastic. You won’t have enough time to grow out of a bad haircut.

Touch up your roots: If you have dyed hair, remember to touch up your roots before the shoot/wedding. For those whose hair isn’t dyed, you may want to consider highlights, which can make your hair stand out more. But similarly, don’t try anything drastic. Stick to safe, natural-looking colours.

Treat your hair: Visit your salon for a hair spa, or treat yourself to hair mask two to three times a week to have your hair looking soft, shiny and smooth when you need it to be!

On The Day Of The Shoot/Wedding

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Don’t wash your hair: Hair that’s too dirty will be hard to work with. But squeaky clean hair can be easily tough. You should wash your hair around 12 hours before your shoot/wedding. Allow your hair some time to build up some oil that can help your hairstylist get it to work. If you have dry hair, you may want to buffer in 18 hours.

Don’t use any hair products: To allow your hairstylist full freedom to manipulate your hair, go without any hair care or hair styling products.

Bonus Tips

Well, these are not really about how to prepare your hair but we know they are helpful…

Know your best side: Tell your hairstylist which profile you prefer (if you have one) so she/he can do a hairstyle that complements your better side.

Bring reference pictures and accessories: Is there a particular look you like? Bring along reference pictures and let your hairstylist advise if it’ll look good on you or if she/he can improvise it to suit you. Feel free to bring along that cute tiara or floral clip that you like and see if she/he can help you incorporate it into the ‘do.