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When it comes to working out to get your body looking fabulous on your wedding day, we are usually starved for time. Play it smart by planning your workout regime according to the design of your wedding gown, so you’ll look great at those places people are going to pay attention on.

You picked a dress with a pencil skirt

wedding dress 6

This design looks very elegant and sleek, however, it’s also very unforgiving, particularly at the tummy area.

Try this routine:

You picked a long dress with a high neck-line

wedding dress 4

Conservative brides may like something like this. The attention will mainly be on your arms, and athletic-looking arms (think Duchess of Cambridge, Kate!) will definitely make you shine on your big day in this dress.

Try this routine (you don’t need weights!):

You picked a bareback dress

wedding dress 3

This gorgeous ensemble will highlight those pesky back fats, so before you put it on for your wedding, make sure you’ve tone your back.

Try this routine:

You picked an off-shoulder dress

wedding dress 2

Many bridal gowns tend to show the collarbone area, but off shoulder ones (like the one in the photo above) shows off your shoulders more than the usual bustier dresses. So, focus your energy in perfecting the appearance of your shoulders.

Try this routine:

You picked a mermaid-cut dress

wedding dress 1

This unique cut shows off your bum and while it’s covered, tight and firm bum is going to look a lot better in this dress.

Try this routine:

You picked a dress with knee-length skirt

wedding dress 5

Brides that prefer a more casual style may sometimes go for shorter dresses like the one in the above photo. Put your attention into training up gorgeous-looking calves if this is similar to your dress.

Try this routine:

You picked a toga

wedding dress 7

This is generally an easy style to carry off, but if you’re striving for perfection, make sure the fats at the armpit area aren’t peeking out.

Try this routine: