best cushion foundation

You must have at least heard of cushion foundations, even if you haven’t already owned and tried several of them yourself. They’re a fuss-free way of applying liquid foundation or BB creams, by tapping a puff onto a sponge soaked with product.

best cushion foundation

Unfortunately, many earlier cushion foundations have cemented its reputation of being unsuitable for the Singaporean climate, because of its dewiness that creates the shine that most of us are trying to avoid.

This is a misconception! To prove it, we round up 19 of the best reviewed cushion foundations in 2018 that has been proven to hold up against Singapore’s heat and humidity.

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Best for oil control

1. Missha M Magic Cushion

best cushion foundation missha m magic cushion

A cushion that claims to be “magic” had better be strong stuff when it comes to surviving in the Singapore heat. Missha M Magic Cushion is apparently all that and more. It starts off looking dewy at first, but dries to a generally matte brightening finish with good longevity. It has some serious coverage, and great oil control, thanks to the presence of silica-bead powder that absorbs sweat and oil.

Missha M Magic Cushion retails at SGD 26.90 for the cushion and SGD 13.90 for a refill at the Missha online store and its physical stores.

2. The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion

best cushion foundation thefaceshop oil control water cushion

The thing about tropical climates is that it’s pretty difficult to predict when it is going to rain. TheFaceShop has you covered with a cushion foundation that not only achieves oil control, but is also waterproof to boot. On top of that, it has a matte velvet finish, and even has pretty good coverage, according to online reviews. We couldn’t think of a better formula for 2018 to help you look fresh and flawless whatever the weather.

TheFaceShop Oil Control Water Cushion retails at SGD 29.90 at TheFaceShop outlets.

Best for a “your skin but better” look

3. Etude House AC Cleanup Mild BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

best cushion foundation etude house ac cleanup mild bb cushion spf 50 pa light beige

If you have acne-prone skin that you want to cover up, but are worried about foundation clogging up your pores, you’re in luck. Etude House AC Cleanup Mild BB Cushion is formulated with non-comodogenic ingredients which does not agitate or break out acne-prone skin, a claim that has been corroborated by many online user reviews! An online reviewer said it has a moist creamy texture, feels lightweight, has a bit of oil control and good staying power. If you want something that’s “your skin but better”, this is definitely a must-try. Etude House has also been voted Top 10 most trusted makeup brands by Singaporeans.

Etude House AC Cleanup Mild BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ retails at SGD 32 at Etude House outlets.

4. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

best cushion foundation sulwhasoo perfecting cushion

What can a foundation aim to be besides your skin but better? The Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion is said to do just that, allowing you to achieve radiant skin without the oil slick look. Some users even report that after many hours of wear, their skin only looks better rather than worse. The lightweight formula almost means it sits comfortably on your skin, without feeling heavy or looking unnatural.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion retails at SGD 74 for a pack of two cushions and SGD 32 for an individual refill at Tangs and Sulwhasoo counters. It is also available at Zalora.

5. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Cushion

Best Cushion Foundation Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Cushion

An off-shoot of Guerlain’s already renowned Lingerie De Peau range, the new Cushion is meant to make things a whole lot more convenient for those on the go. The foundation boasts a hydrating texture which blends in with the skin to deliver an “anti-fatigue effect” and to restore the skin’s natural radiance, earning it a spot on our 2018 list of best cushion foundations.

Local beauty blogger Cheryl reviewed the cushion, “It gives a healthy, natural, rosy finish with medium-level coverage.”

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Cushion retails for SGD 81 at Tangs.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation

Best Cushion Foundation Ysl Beaute Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation

This cushion foundation from YSL Beaute features a unique duo-flocked puff so you can customise the level of coverage and radiance that you want in your foundation. The formula is also meant to be lightweight and offer a “no makeup” vibe. Beauty blogger Jenny Wu says about the foundation, “It does an excellent job of evening my skin tone, minimizing any redness, and covering small imperfections all while still looking natural”.

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation retails for SGD 92 at Tangs.

Best for pore-minimising

7. Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

best cushion foundation laneige bb cushion pore control

Which self-respecting list of cushion foundations would be complete without a Laneige BB Cushion? Love it or hate it, this is the one that started the craze in the first place.

The formula received an update in 2016, and users have reported that the new versions are less streaky and boasted higher coverage, and better longevity, lasting for more than half the day in humid climates like ours. Better yet, the new formula no longer oxidises after application! Fast forward to 2018 and this formula is still receiving props for the upgrade, earning it a spot on this list.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control retails at SGD 59 at Laneige stores and at Sephora.

Best from the drugstore

8. Maybelline New York Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte

best cushion foundation maybelline super bb cushion fresh matte

Even though this claims to be a BB cushion, most users have claimed that the Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte feels more like a lightweight foundation to them, but one which is buildable for a higher coverage if needed. The matte finish is supposed to look natural on the skin, without oxidising the way many BB creams do, and helps with oil control to achieve commendable longevity despite the heat.

Maybelline New York Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte retails at SGD 28.90 at Guardian and Watsons stores, and is also available at Lazada, where you can get a further SGD9 discount!

9. L’oreal Paris True Match Cushion Foundation

best cushion foundation loreal true match cushion foundation

You’ve tried and loved the L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation, so now carry it around with you in the True Match Cushion Foundation. This foundation not only provides great coverage, but dries to a “silky matte” finish which does not oxidise over time.

It is said that it contains ultra-fine matte hybrid powder which helps to absorb excess sebum throughout the day so you can enjoy a fresh complexion for longer. Who would say no to that in 2018?

L’oreal Paris True Match Cushion Foundation retails for SGD 30.90 at Guardian and Watsons stores, and at Zalora.

Best for sun protection

10. Shu Uemura Blanc:chroma Brightening UV Cushion Foundation

best cushion foundation shu uemura blanc chroma brightening uv cushion foundation

Who wouldn’t want a make-up that also doubles up as skincare? The Shu Uemura Blanc:chroma Brightening UV Cushion Foundation is also infused with brightening actives that claims to help with anti-pigmentation effect, so you can achieve brighter natural skin even when wearing make-up.

Reviews say that this foundation has a finish that is balanced between matte and dewy, and does not get powdery if you decide to touch up. The foundation is SPF 50+ and PA+++ to provide you with excellent sun protection.

Shu Uemura Blanc:chroma Brightening UV Cushion Foundation retails at SGD 55 for cushion, SGD 20 for case and puff, and SGD 8 for puff alone at Shu Uemura oulets and on Sephora.

11. Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion 2.0 Compact High Coverage

best cushion foundation lancome blanc expert cushion 3 high coverage

The Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion 3.0 is a more matte and less shiny version of its predecessors, and which has proven to be a bigger hit with Singaporeans for those reasons. True to its name, it has a medium to high coverage, so acne and blemishes are adequately hidden. It also provides SPF 50+/PA+++ which will certainly be a boon on our sunny island.

A local reviewer has reported that it brightened up her complexion without making her look oily, and that her skin felt hydrated despite the matte finish. Sounds like a potential 2018 holy grail to us!

Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion 3.0 High Coverage retails at SGD 20 for the case, SGD 55 for a single refill and SGD 84 for a duo refill at Lancôme counters, Sephora and Tangs.

12. M.A.C. Lightful C Quick Finish Cushion Compact

best cushion foundation mac lightful c quick finish compact

M.A.C.’s highly anticipated cushion compact comes in the form of the Lightful C Quick Finish Cushion Compact. This foundation has earned rave reviews for having a matte finish, being brightening and also providing great sun protection with SPF 50 and PA+++.

The formula of this foundation is meant to glide smoothly on to the skin so as to achieve a natural look, not over-heavy and where your skin feels like it’s still able to breathe. Reviewers have also quoted good longevity and oil control with this cushion. This is truly the cushion foundation that can do it all.

M.A.C. Lightful C Quick Finish Cushion Compact retails for SGD 56 and its refill retails for SGD 38 at all M.A.C. stores.

Best for long-wearing coverage

13. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

best cushion foundation innisfree long wear cushion

It’s almost like Innisfree had Singaporean weather in mind when they created the Long Wear Cushion. Reviewers have said that this cushion foundation, which has a mostly matte finish, is great for oil control and has long wear time, with good coverage. It is reported to be resilient against sweat and sebum, the two great enemies of makeup in the tropical climate. Best part? It’s got all that quality at such an affordable price, which is a huge plus point for us.

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion retails at SGD 19 for cushion and SGD 12 for case at Innisfree stores.

14. Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Le Cushion Encre de Peau

best cushion foundation yves saint laurent beaute de cushion encre de peau

The Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation has become the holy grail for oily skin types everywhere, so it is no surprise that the Beaute Le Cushion Encre de Peau from the same range should also be a hit. Users found that it provided a fantastic, natural finish, and has excellent lasting power. It’s also easily buildable, so you don’t have to worry about cakey-looking foundation if you feel the need to touch up throughout the day!

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Le Cushion Encre de Peau retails for SGD 92 at Yves Saint Laurent stores and Tangs.

15. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation

best cushion foundation lancome teint idole ultra cushion foundation

The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation packs an oil-free liquid formula is designed to be light-weight and hydrating, while also offering a semi-matte finish. There have been positive reviews about this staying power and oil absorption of this foundation, claiming that it stays on all day and may not even need touch-ups.

Even better, it does not oxidise like many cushion foundations do, and stays true to shade after application.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation retails at SGD 80 at Lancôme countersSephora and at Tangs.

Best for dry skin

16. Biotherm Aquasource CC Evermoist Cushion

best cushion foundation biotherm aquasource cc evermoist cushion

As its name suggests, the Biotherm Aquasource CC Evermoist Cushion claims to provide a water-light, breathable coverage so that your skin looks hydrated and healthy. Many users have agreed with this, saying that it gave them a skin-like, radiant glow with the right amount of dewiness, and does not feel or look oily even on oily, acne-prone skin. It doesn’t oxidize either, which is always a plus.

Biotherm Aquasource CC Evermoist Cushion retails at SGD 17 for the case and SGD 52 for 2 refills on Sephora, and at Biotherm stores.

17. Make Up For Ever UV Bright Cushion SPF 35/PA+++

best cushion foundation make up for ever uv bright

This Make Up For Ever UV Bright Cushion compact does several things all at once. It has pretty good sun protection with ultra-fine titanium dioxide added to its formula, affording the foundation SPF 35 and PA+++. It contains silica, which is a light-reflecting pigment to brighten your skin and to extend the longevity of the formula. Glycerin and polyol is also added to boost its hydrating effects and help the skin to retain water.

The cushion is also supposedly design with 3 in-built filters, to brighten, revitalize and protect your skin, all of which works together to make your finish look even better.

Make Up For Ever UV Bright Cushion SPF 35/PA+++ retails for SGD 64 at Sephora stores.

18. NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation

Best Cushion Foundation Nars Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation

With a “water-enriched” formula to this cushion foundation, you can only imagine how hydrating and soothing it’d be to dry skin types. It’s also formulated with the NARS Triple-Force Anti-Pollution Complex and SPF 23, so it doubly protects your skin from environmental and sun damage. A Sephora reviewer said, “It does not oxidise easily in the hot and humid weather in Singapore, and it’s quite sweat-proof too!”

NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation retails for SGD 68 at Sephora.

Best for comfortable wear

19. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact

best cushion foundation bobbi brown skin foundation cushion compact 1

Don’t be alarmed if this cushion foundation starts off looking a little too “glowy” for Singaporean tastes – many users have reported that, unlike most cushion foundations, the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact actually dries down to a more matte finish as the day goes by. In fact, it reportedly gets more comfortable on the skin with longer wear, rather than the reverse!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact retails at SGD 54 at Bobbi Brown counters and Tangs.

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