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Daily Vanity is your Best Beauty Friend!

When did your “beauty awakening” happen? When your mum put on lipstick on you for a concert during kindergarten? Or when your friend told you about the oil control blotting papers that helped to reduce shine?

In a way, the journey in the big beauty world can be a little daunting, and you’re likely to be looking for a credible reference from your social circle. The only problem is that everyone is just as new to it as you are. Another the problem is, your skincare and makeup needs change as you age – this means you have to unlearn what you’ve known, and then quickly pick up what you need now. Before you know it, perhaps you already need to move on to yet another stage in life or struggle to keep up with the latest launches and technologies in the ever-changing beauty world.

That’s where Daily Vanity come in. We want to your BBF (that’s Best Beauty Friend), sharing with you on a daily basis, what you need to know about beauty.

Navigate through these sections:

Beauty Tips – Probably the most popular section, the articles here give you practical advice on how to make your beauty journey a breeze. From makeup and skincare to hair and nails, we’ve got you all covered.

Beauty Q&A – We may not always have the answers, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have access to those who do. Have a specific question that you’ve been dying to ask? Send it to us and we’ll help secure experts for their input.

Reviews – We give products a trial of at least two weeks, and write our most genuine thoughts about them. It doesn’t matter if we bought the products or if they were sent to us – our opinion will always remain true and untainted. You have our word.

Vanity Perks – We share with you perks that make you look and feel good! This means you get to find discounts, samples, freebies, contests, etc in that section.

Trends & Styles – Fads come and go so quickly. But if you want to remain at the forefront of the style pack, check out this section where we tell you the latest trends to follow, and how to get it right.

News & Stories – Stay in the loop regarding latest launches and beauty news from this section.

The Team Behind Daily Vanity

Kristen-JulietKristen Juliet Soh
The face that you most frequently see on Daily Vanity, Kristen Juliet is the editor of this e-zine. This hardcore beauty junkie has been doing beauty journalism and content management as a career for the past six years, and also actively blogging for more than four years.

Interesting fact about Kristen Juliet: She has enough perfumes to wear a different one every day for more than a month.

Want to have a glimpse of the latest beauty news before it hits Daily Vanity? Follow her at @beautysorority on Twitter and Instagram.

keith-TohKeith Toh
One of the men behind Daily Vanity. You can call him the business guy (publisher) of Daily Vanity.

Want to have glimpse of his nonsensical thoughts? Follow him at @tohkeith on Twitter and Instagram.


Chris Sim
The technology geek who coded this e-magazine and its many features.

Chris is a rather private person, so nope, you can’t stalk him on his Twitter and Instagram account.


Our Regular Contributors


Tiara Surya Dusqie
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Kenneth Lee
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Carrie Sim
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Chia Sihan
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Charlene Judith Lee
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Jasmine Teo
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Jacelyn Lim
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Vanessa Koh
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