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Singapore is renowned for its efficiency and world-class healthcare system, but there’s a complex web of challenges that we grapple with when seeking essential medications.

From administrative hurdles to the weight of exorbitant costs, accessing pharmaceuticals on our little red dot is still a ways away from a straightforward affair.

Word on the street is that there’s a new online pharmacy aiming to revolutionise the way we obtain medications. Glovida-Rx is a platform that promises convenience, affordability, and even offers a free consultation service to address our needs.

Intrigued, two Daily Vanity editors put the service to the test to see if it’s a potential solution to some of their persistent everyday challenges. Read on to find out how it went!

How Is This Online Pharmacy Different From Physical Pharmacies?

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For starters, Glovida-Rx is Singapore’s first consumer-centric Health Sciences Authority (HSA) registered e-pharmacy.

Backed by WellChem Pharmaceuticals, this online pharmacy is redefining the way we access pharmaceuticals, offering a seamless, accessible, and safe healthcare experience.

Easier Healthcare Accessibility

Traditionally, pharmacies in Singapore have been physical retail establishments. However, Glovida-Rx challenges this norm by presenting an online platform that places consumers at the forefront, which is its key differentiator.

Unlike physical pharmacies, where you’re more likely to find a pharmacist off-duty or out for lunch, Glovida-Rx’s accredited pharmacists are readily available.

Plus, you can seek prompt healthcare advice via WhatsApp messages or calls without leaving the comfort of your home or office, making accessibility one of the standout features of Glovida-Rx.

Comprehensive Medication Solutions Tailored to Individual Needs

glovida-rx Comprehensive Medication Solutions Tailored to Individual Needs

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Glovida-Rx goes beyond conventional pharmacy services by offering a comprehensive range of over-the-counter (OTC), pharmacy, and prescription medicines. That means you get greater access to a wider range of medicines found in clinics and in pharmacies.

What sets it apart is its commitment to “bespoke, nimble” services, allowing individuals to request specific medications or brands. It’s especially helpful for those seeking medications for chronic issues, lifestyle medicines, and birth control pills, to name a few.

Should you require further medical attention, your pharmacist will connect you with partnering doctors, ensuring a continuum of care that extends beyond the virtual realm.

You’ll also have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Pharmacists on the platform are well-equipped to provide advice on a wide array of medical conditions, ranging from common ailments like the cold and diarrhoea to more complex issues such as eczema and even travel medicine.

Cost-effective medications and free consultations

Competitive pricing is another hallmark of Glovida-Rx’s approach. Recognising the financial burden that medications can impose, the platform strives to make medicines more affordable for patients.

On average, you can anticipate savings of approximately 10% compared to traditional pharmacy prices.

This commitment to cost-effectiveness is further boosted by complimentary pick-up of hardcopy prescriptions and free same-day medication delivery for payments made before 3pm.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what we thought, too. Ahead, two DV editors share their honest opinions on the online pharmacy.

2 Daily Vanity Editors Try Glovida-Rx’s Online Pharmacy

Jade’s Experience With Glovida-Rx

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Associate Editor, Jade

Seborrheic dermatitis, a persistent form of eczema, has been a part of my life since I turned 29 two years ago. Recently, when it flared up behind my ears and on my neck, I found myself in a bind.

I had run out of my prescribed medication, and the prospect of enduring weeks of unbearable itching while waiting for a dermatologist appointment was certainly not appealing. However, this timely dilemma led me to explore Glovida-Rx’s online pharmacy.

glovida-rx online pharmacy whatsapp consultation

I received a prompt WhatsApp response from Wint, a pharmacy staff member. In less than half an hour, she inquired about my specific medication needs and tried to understand my skin concerns.

After detailing my dermatologist-prescribed cream, Wint took the time to check its effectiveness in managing my symptoms. Once I confirmed its efficacy, she promptly suggested two alternative options with the same active ingredients and mentioned that they could be used together.

To complement the treatment, she recommended a sensitive skin-friendly moisturiser, coincidentally the same one I already had in my rotation but was running low on.

glovida-rx online pharmacy parcel tracking

Wint then requested the necessary personal information for registration and verification to complete the process. Shortly after, an email containing payment instructions and a secure payment link arrived, followed by an e-receipt. I could also track my package after payment was confirmed.

glovida-rx online pharmacy package

Credit: Daily Vanity

Much to my surprise, the package arrived just one and a half hours later. Safely enclosed in a silver padded envelope, it included my prescribed medication, informative pamphlets, and a vibrant Glovida pen.

glovida-rx online pharmacy medication

Credit: Daily Vanity

What truly sets Glovida-Rx apart is the accessibility through WhatsApp. It proved immensely convenient, especially for those with phone anxiety. Consulting with the pharmacist and finalising the transaction seamlessly during lunch demonstrated the platform’s user-friendly approach.

The following day, Leslie, the pharmacist manager overseeing Wint’s assistance, reached out to ensure everything was satisfactory. This extra step in customer care made the online experience feel personal and reassuring.

I’d say Glovida-Rx is a reliable and efficient solution for my urgent dermatological needs. The medication was reasonably priced, and the best part is I didn’t have to fork out extra to cover a hefty consultation fee.

Despite the entire process being conducted virtually, Glovida-Rx left me feeling not just relieved of my eczema symptoms but genuinely cared for. I would definitely use Glovida-Rx again and recommend it to my friends and family.

Kristen’s Experience With Glovida-Rx

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Editorial Director Kristen and her son

Waits at a clinic can get extremely long and it’s hard to stay in the queue with a sick and bored child who gets impatient quickly.

At times, when my children are very sick, they’d also rather stay at home and want me close to them, making it hard for me to head out to a pharmacy by myself.

Moreover, keeping them home and using a service like Glovida-Rx ensures that they’re not exposed to further viruses from other patients while their immune system is down.

Pharmacies also don’t open as early as 9am, unlike Glovida-Rx’s online pharmacy, which helps me be able to get the task out of the way early in the morning.

glovida-rx online pharmacy consultation juliet

I like that the consultation happens over WhatsApp, which is a communication tool that I’m familiar with. I didn’t have to download any new apps or figure out a new tool.

The pharmacist was very prompt in their response – they replied me in less than one minute from my first message. Subsequently, the conversation continued seamlessly and I managed to get a prescription for medicines quickly.

The pharmacist was knowledgeable, polite, and easy to talk to. She was able to recommend medicine that helped with my child’s symptoms that were also safe for his young age.

glovida-rx online pharmacy instructions juliet (1)

She also gave clear instructions about how to take the medicine, complete with photos so it’s easier to understand. It’s almost like I’ve got a medical friend who’s available to provide help and advice. It feels very personable.

The price was noticeably lower than what I’d usually get at a regular pharmacy too.

I was prescribed the Muscovan syrup for cough, which costs me only S$12.87 at Glovida-Rx. This usually retails at close to S$14. The runny nose medicine was also only S$7, cheaper than most alternatives I’ve bought elsewhere.

I am pleasantly surprised by the price. Usually, you need to pay a premium for convenience, but the experience has been both convenient and affordable.

glovida-rx online pharmacy medication (1)

Credit: Daily Vanity

I managed to get my medicine delivered to my house in around two hours, which was incredibly fast. This is great when I have an urgent need for medicine to help relieve a sick child’s symptoms.

I will certainly recommend it to others and continue to use it myself. The process is quick and painless, making it a very convenient way for busy working mums like me to fulfil my healthcare needs without having to step out of my house while multitasking.

In fact, with the service, I was able to get work done, keep an eye on my sick child, while going through the consultation concurrently! I definitely felt like a super-mum that day!

How to Try Glovida-Rx’s Online Pharmacy

You can access Glovida-Rx via WhatsApp at 8101 5555 from 9am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays. Enjoy free same-day medication delivery for payments made before 3pm.

Visit Glovida-Rx’s website here.

This article is brought to you by Glovida-Rx.