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You’ve heard of cushion foundations and blush, and now – wait for it – a cushion eyeliner has been launched!

We’re talking about the new Eye Shade Marker by Kate Tokyo, and you’re about to find out what’s so brilliant about its cushion tip.

Kate Cushion Eyeliner 1

What’s the cushion eyeliner all about?

No, this is not just a novelty product that’s jumping on the popular cushion technology; there’s a good reason why the Kate Eye Shade Marker has a cushion tip.

Users of eyeliners would know that to get your eye-line as close to your lash line as possible, you need an eyeliner tip that is sharp and precise, but at the same time soft and flexible enough so it doesn’t hurt. Kate Eye Shade Marker gives you the best of both worlds.

Kate Cushion Eyeliner 2

The tip of the Eye Shade Marker is firm to offer you precision, but as it is also “cushion-y”, it is flexible enough to create lines around the curves of your lash line, and as close to it as possible without hurting your delicate eye area.

Kate Cushion Eyeliner 5

What’s more, the cushion also enables the tip to hold more liquid than any other eyeliner, giving you more intense colour payoff.

It is best for the line-less eyeliner look

If you want to go for a more “soft-focused” natural appearance, forget about winged eyeliner look, and embrace the “line-less eyeliner look” instead. The barely-there line-less look accentuates your eyes, making them look larger and more radiant.

The Kate Eye Shade Marker is designed to help achieve the line-less eyeliner look effortlessly.

We tried it and show you how to do it:

Kate Cushion Eyeliner Gif

DV Tip: Do the line-less eyeliner look with Kate Eye Shade Marker after applying mascara. Using the stamping motion or by the tip (depending on your preference), reach out from under your lashes, and fill in the prominent “spaces” between lashes.

And here’s how it looks!

Kate Cushion Eyeliner 41

On your left: Line-less look
On your right: Winged liner look

Kate Cushion Eyeliner 3

On your left: Line-less look
On your right: Winged liner look

As you can see, we have drawn a line-less eyeliner on one eye (left), and the thicker wing on the other (right). The line-less side makes the crease at the eyelid look more obvious, while the thicker wing covers the crease and makes the eyes look smaller. What’s more, you could easily make people believe that you aren’t wearing any eye makeup with the line-less look!

The Kate Eye Shade Marker is available in two shades: Deep Black and Deep Brown. The quick-drying formula is also sweat-, water-, and sebum-resistant, making it a perfect eyeliner to use on a hot and humid day (which is practically every day, for us in Singapore!)

It retails at SGD17 and is available at Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG, LAZADA, and selected Sasa and Watsons stores. Like Kate Tokyo on Facebook to find out more about the product and other updates.

This article is brought to you by Kate Tokyo.