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If you know someone who’s crazy about KFC chicken or just want a gag gift that’ll crack them up, we’ve got something quirky and unforgettable for you. Cue the drumroll (or should we say drumstick?)… it’s a KFC perfume!

Believe it or not, this is no joke. KFC went all out and even filmed a commercial for this fragrance in the sandy dunes of Spain’s Canary Islands!

Sure, we’ve seen KFC drop exclusive fashion items like the Amos Ananda National Day Collection or the Wrapuette Bag, but this time they’re throwing us a curveball with fragrance merchandise!

Why Was This Perfume Launched?


Dubbed Eau D’uardo, the fragrance pays tribute to a viral meme from KFC’s Christmas campaign in 2021, where everyday objects were given Spanish names.

As KFC puts it, this unisex fragrance is blended with geranium, mandarin, bergamot, and pink pepper – inspired by Colonel Sanders’ secret spice mix.

Aside from the scent, the packaging steals the show with its ridiculously cute and quirky design!

It’s housed in a golden-brown chicken drumstick bottle that opens with a cap on one end. And get this, it even “stands” on its own when placed upright.

What Is The Scent Of The Perfume Like?


KFC perfume?? let’s smell it! @KFC España #kfcperfume #kfcespaña #fragrancetiktok #fragrancetok

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Now, the million-dollar question: Does it have that chicken scent? Nope, not at all!

According to a TikTok user (@user656765440), this fragrance gives off a musky and masculine vibe that later mellows into a slightly sweet aroma. She mentioned it’s not exactly a fancy perfume smell, but it’s definitely not bad at all.

So, if you know someone who digs woody and musky notes in their perfumes, Eau D’uardo might just be the holiday season gift they never knew they needed!

Where To Find The KFC Eau D’uardo Perfume?


KFC Eau D’uardo perfume retails for €3.99 (~S$5.79) with any menu purchase at KFC outlets in Spain.

But here’s the catch – as much as we’d love to get our hands on it, this exclusive fragrance isn’t going global. If you’re set on scoring one, we recommend considering parcel forwarding services — check out options like Eurosender that can ship straight to Singapore!

So, would you make this your signature scent or your next go-to fragrance?

Featured image credit: @user656765440/TikTok.