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You probably have already heard about it: the famous “glass skin” trend from Korea. Yes, the impressive luminous and radiant skin that Korean women are coveting.

This is why when Lavond Skincare Artistry told us that their Glass Skin Facial treatment is designed to complement the glass skin skincare routine, we knew we needed to try it.

What is the Glass Skin facial treatment all about?

The 90-minute treatment is designed to pamper skin thoroughly while infusing it with skin-loving nutrients so that skin can be purified and brightened to achieve the glass skin effect. I visited Lavond to find out about the Glass Skin facial and what its nine steps are to share with you this report:

Step 1: Breathing therapy with relaxing head massage

The first experience that really stood out to me was how Lavond is dedicated to making sure their customers are comfortable. The blanket that covered me at the facial cabin was thick and soft, which reminds me of the comforter that I can’t do without at home. My therapist was also very attentive, for instance, when I coughed because of a throat irritation, she offered me lozenges without missing a beat.

Because of how they care about making sure customers are comfortable, I wasn’t surprised that the first step of Glass Skin facial was a breathing therapy and head massage.

Leading me in a breathing exercise where I inhaled the scent of pure essential oil that helped me relax, my therapist also pampered me with a head massage that prepared me for an indulgent session ahead.

Step 2: Double cleanse

Double cleansing ensures that your skin is thoroughly cleansed from – not just makeup – but also all impurities and grime that may have settled on your skin. This step preps your skin so that it’s able to better absorb the goodness of the products the therapist is about to apply.

Step 3: Exfoliation

Lavond uses an enzyme complex mask to help exfoliate skin because it’s gentle even on sensitive skin. Together with the mist that feels comfortable on skin, this step further preps skin.

Step 4: Extraction

While the facial is more focused on delivering brightening benefits, light and gentle extraction is done at this point to help clear out clogging (usually around the T-zone). However, if you have acne-prone skin with very congested pores, you may want to opt for the Skin Rescue treatment by Lavond, which will address your concerns more directly.

The extraction was relatively painless for me, and I was glad to see a few stubborn clogged pores cleared out after the session.

Step 5: Calming mask + Cold mist

While the extraction administered wasn’t aggressive, the calming mask and cold mist combination is used to make sure your skin is soothed and ready for the next steps. This step is especially important for those with sensitive skin or are prone to redness.

Step 6: High concentrate serum

A specially formulated serum that contains high concentration of active ingredients is applied to offer brightening effects to skin. Its special delivery system allows rapid absorption so that your skin can receive the full benefits of the product.

Step 7: Detox face massage

Now that your skin has been infused with skincare goodness, a detoxifying face massage is given to improve microcirculation, which further enhances the benefits of the treatment. I also find this step very relaxing.

Step 8: Diamond mask

A mask that contains Diamond Mica and Hyaluronic Acid is then applied to feed your skin with even more skincare goodness. This mask provides deep hydration and an instantly cooling and soothing effect to skin. It helps that the mask is made with refined alginate, which creates a soft vacuum-like seal over skin so that all nourishing and hydrating ingredients can be pushed deeply into skin.

Step 10: Shoulder massage

Finally, I was given a shoulder massage, which brings the facial treatment to a fulfilling completion.

What do I think of this Glass Skin facial treatment?

I loved how pampering every step felt and enjoyed every second of the 90-minute treatment. I left the salon with significantly brighter and luminous complexion, which I didn’t feel like I needed to hide with makeup.

The results of the treatment continued for the next few days, and I didn’t feel like I needed to apply foundation for the next few days. I know that I probably need a few more sessions of the Glass Skin facial treatment to ultimately achieve the gold standard of “glass skin”, but after just one experience, I could see how I’m a little closer to the goal.

I will certainly consider going for this regularly, as a way to keep my complexion looking bright and healthy. And then, hopefully very soon, I’ll be able to flaunt the sought-after “glass skin” too.

Lavond Skincare Artistry is located at #B1-09A Citylink Mall (62388529 or Whatsapp 62388529) and #02-07 Pioneer Mall (67934559 or Whatsapp 85693284).

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This article is brought to you by Lavond Skincare Artistry.