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Oil-based hair serums can give your hair an instant boost of moisture, but most can’t do much to save damaged hair. So when we first heard about the mise-en-scène Perfect Serum, a lightweight hair serum that claims to repair dry and damaged strands in 3 days, we had to try it to believe it.

We invited ten readers to try Korea’s #1 hair serum and you’ll be pleased to know that the average verdict was a 4.7-star rating out of 5. Read on for more in-depth reviews!

About mise-en-scène’s Perfect Serums

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Variations

Pronounced “me-jang-sen”, mise-en-scène’s Perfect Serum moisturises, nourishes, reduces split ends, and gives your hair a healthy sheen. The serum contains a blend of seven naturally-derived oils, such as argan, camellia, jojoba, marula, coconut, apricot, and olive oils—surprising for a serum that’s so light and non-greasy.

To use the Perfect Serum, shampoo and towel-dry your hair first. Then, spread a pump of serum on your palms before applying it on your hair. Focus on the lower half section of your hair, and don’t massage it onto your scalp. If you need to tame frizzies throughout the day, simply reapply the serum on the tips of your hair.

The mise-en-scène Perfect Serum also comes in four different variations, so you can pick one that suits your needs and preferences.

mise-en-scène Perfect Serum variants: Original, Styling, Rose, Coco Water

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Original

To provide daily nourishment and protection for your hair, reach for the Perfect Serum (Original). It moisturises and strengthens your tresses for stronger, more manageable hair over time. A whiff of this refreshing floral-scented serum is also a lovely way to start the day.

Mise En Scene Perfect Serums Rose Styling Coco Water

If you like the smell of roses, you’ll love the Perfect Serum (Rose Edition) (left). Rose damask essential oils are whisked into the signature Perfect Serum formula, so you get the same nourishing benefits with an uplifting scent.

For those who blow-dry, straighten, or curl their hair with styling tools, try the Perfect Serum (Styling) (centre). Before you go in with a curling iron, apply the serum to your hair to protect it from heat damage. After you’ve heat-styled your hair, set it with another coat of Perfect Serum. This fruit-scented serum helps your curls last longer throughout the day.

If you want a serum with an ultra-light texture, the Perfect Serum (Coco Water) (right) will fit the bill. Like its name suggests, the serum has a watery, non-sticky texture that won’t weigh your hair down—perfect for Singapore’s humidity. It also contains 200 times more coconut oil than the original formula, but it doesn’t bear a coconut scent. Instead, it has a refreshing, aquatic-floral scent.

mise-en-scène Perfect Serum retails at S$15.90 (70ml) each and is available at selected Watsons stores and online

mise-en-scène Perfect Serum review: 10 readers give their honest opinions

mise-en-scène Perfect Serums
  • Overall rating


All reviewers were impressed with mise-en-scène Perfect Serum’s lightweight yet nourishing formula, unlike other oil-based hair serums they tried in the past. They liked that the serum absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue, leaving their hair soft, smooth, and frizz-free.

Some reviewers noted that their hair looked significantly healthier in just three days. Most of them loved the scent of the product but one of them found it too strong. Most reviewers said they would continue using the mise-en-scène Perfect Serum and would recommend to others.

Kaylee, 27

Hair type/condition: Thick, dry hair
Variant: Perfect Serum (Original)

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Kaylee

The bottle of serum looks sleek and the formula has a pleasant scent. I used about two to three pumps of serum as I have thicker hair, and applied it mostly on the ends of my hair. My hair felt softer and looked less frizzy immediately after using the product.

I like its gel-like texture as it is not greasy or sticky. The serum absorbed quickly and the results can be seen instantly. As I have bleached hair that tends to look dry mid-day, this is great for times when I need a quick fix. I noticed a reduction in hair breakage and split ends after using it two or three times.

Jacqueline, 28

Hair type/condition: Thick, damaged hair
Variant: Perfect Serum (Original)

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Jacqueline

I love the scent and the fact that it absorbed rather quickly into my hair. I’m also surprised that it’s more affordable than a hair serum I was using. The Perfect Serum is not oily and sticky, so when I used it for the first time, my hair felt softer and it felt like it became straighter too!

I have seen results even though I’ve only used it for a short period of time. My hair is smoother and less frizzy after applying the serum, and it’s a fuss-free product to use, even when I’m in a rush. l will definitely repurchase the serum when I finish this bottle!

Mel, 24

Hair type/condition: Thick, coloured hair with split ends
Variant: Perfect Serum (Original)

The product absorbs fast, and my hair felt healthier and looked more moisturised after using it a couple of times. I saw less hair fall when I comb through my hair after two days of use. I think it’s pretty affordable too, so I might buy two bottles at once just to stock up!

The mise-en-scène Perfect Serum is definitely more lightweight compared to other hair oils I’ve used. When pitted against my recent hair oil, the convenient bottle makes it more travel-friendly too! I can foresee myself bringing this out just for a quick pick-me-up on days where my hair feels drier than usual.

Nicole, 34

Hair type/condition: Dull, damaged hair
Variant: Perfect Serum (Original)

I like that the amount of product dispensed is well-controlled. I was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight the gel-like formula felt. It absorbed easily and didn’t leave a greasy feeling. My hair felt softer after one application, and the scent makes the experience more luxurious.

I usually use the serum once a day, but if my hair feels dry in the middle of the day, I’ll apply it twice. Even when I applied it twice a day, my hair did not feel greasy and weighed down, unlike most serums I’ve tried.

Clarabelle, 24

Hair type/condition: Thick, damaged hair with split ends
Variant: Perfect Serum (Rose Edition)

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Clarabelle

My hair was pretty unruly because of the Circuit Breaker, but I felt an increase in softness as soon as I applied the serum on my hair. I would put the serum on damp hair or when the tips of my hair feel a little dry and frizzy. My hair still felt pretty smooth and easy to comb through at the end of the day. The scent of the serum is great, but it smells a little too strong at times.

Overall, the Perfect Serum helped to minimise the dryness and damage from colour treatments and bleaching in the past. It helps to untangle my hair as well.

‘Alyaa, 22

Hair type/condition: Thin, damaged hair that’s prone to breakage
Variant: Perfect Serum (Rose Edition)

I fell in love with the soothing scent immediately! I like that it comes with a safety cap, so spillage will not be a problem. When I first applied it on my hair, the serum absorbed really quickly. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on my hands or hair, which I appreciate. A little bit goes a long way too.

I’m very happy to see that the condition of my hair has improved in just three days. The biggest (and best) difference I’ve noticed is how easy it is to brush my hair. With my dry hair, I used to have a hard time brushing through the knots and would eventually lose quite a bit of hair because of it.

Now, it’s a lot easier for me to comb through my hair and there’s lesser hair fall. On top of that, my hair feels extremely smooth and looks salon-ready with zero effort.

Beatrice, 24

Hair type/condition: Thin hair that’s prone to breakage
Variant: Perfect Serum (Styling)

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Beatrice

After drying my hair with a towel, I apply one pump of serum to the lower half of my hair, focusing on the ends. From the first use, my hair felt very soft and smooth. After two days, I saw a reduction in hair breakage and split ends.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this product as it strengthened my thin hair. This serum helped to repair the damaged strands, which resulted in less breakage. The serum is also much lighter than other formulas I’ve tried.

Megan, 20

Hair type/condition: Damaged, frizzy hair with split ends
Variant: Perfect Serum (Styling)

Compared to other oil-based hair serums I used in the past, mise-en-scène’s Perfect Serum (Styling) was more nourishing for my hair and the effects lasted longer. I love how it smells as well. After using it for the first time, my hair felt very soft and moisturised. Given its effectiveness, the serum is surprisingly affordable.

My family didn’t know that I was trying out a new product, but they noticed that my hair looked smoother. I will continue to incorporate it into my daily routine because it makes my hair feel much healthier, especially since it had been previously damaged from bleaching.

Nurul Athika, 22

Hair type/condition: Thin, damaged hair
Variant: Perfect Serum (Coco Water)

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum Nurul Athika

The scent is really nice and it lingered in my hair for a very long time. I would use about two to four pumps of serum because I’m obsessed with the scent. It’s also non-sticky, non-greasy, and really lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh my hair down unlike other hair serums I’ve used in the past.

When I use this at night, my hair doesn’t look as unruly when I get out of bed in the morning. This product has changed my hair tremendously over a short period of time. My hair was damaged from bleaching it previously and I’ve been wanting to treat it so that it’s softer and less frizzy. This serum has made that possible.

Pherenice, 26

Hair type/condition: Thin, damaged hair with split ends
Variant: Perfect Serum (Coco Water)

When I used the serum for the first time, my hair felt smoother and easier to comb through, so it did not tangle easily. Since my hair is long and thick, I applied a few pumps of serum on my hair, focusing more on the ends. I applied it on damp hair and again when my hair was completely dry.

This product is by far the most lightweight hair serum I’ve tried, and most importantly, it is neither greasy nor sticky! I was also surprised by how easily it absorbs into my hair. This serum has a nice, pleasant scent, unlike other hair serums or oils I’ve tried in the past.

This article is brought to you by Mise-en-scène.