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We’ve all heard the age-old saying that time is as precious as gold. However, when it comes to our daily beauty routine, we frequently spend more time than is necessary. Whether we’re coaxing our skincare into our skin or striving to perfect our makeup, the minutes just fly by.

In a world where time is of the essence, the daily chore of getting ready to step out can feel time-consuming and inconvenient.

Those precious minutes spent perfecting our makeup base could be better spent elsewhere, perhaps savouring a delicious cup of coffee before work or catching a few more moments of much-needed sleep.


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But what if we told you there’s a way, or more specifically, a skincare product to simplify your beauty routine and make your life a lot easier? Stay tuned to find out how this game-changer can help you snooze in every day!

Your Shortcut to an Effortless Beauty Routine: MKUP Real Complexion Cream

MKUP Real Complexion Cream review

Meet MKUP’s hero product, the Real Complexion Cream, which is a skincare gem that offers more than you’d think.

If you want to brighten your skin tone in the face of Singapore’s harsh UV rays, this cream contains 2% tranexamic acid and a 7-in-1 whitening essence. These nourishing ingredients work together to lighten your skin by inhibiting melanin production, all while minimising the appearance of your pores.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you’ll love its 4.5% hyaluronic acid content, which locks in moisture to keep your skin looking hydrated and supple. The ceramide will also help to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier as you use it.

Not to mention, this product is Halal-certified, providing peace of mind for our Muslim users.

Perhaps the best part about this skincare cream is that it can double up as a makeup primer, imparting a naturally brightened complexion. It’s a fantastic skincare-makeup hybrid if you want to simplify your beauty routine or are always on the go.

The MKUP Real Complexion Cream will also be an excellent companion for work-from-home days when you need to look your best during video calls but don’t want to go through the rigours of a full makeup regimen. Plus, you don’t have to remove makeup as it is a skincare product!

MKUP Real Complexion Cream review super coverage, UV whitening pearl

Left: Super Coverage Real Complexion Cream SPF 23, Right: Pearl Real Complexion Cream SPF 50

But that’s not all because the Real Complexion Cream also comes in two exciting variations. First up, the Pearl Real Complexion Cream SPF 50, which delivers the same brightening effects while offering the added benefit of SPF 50. This means you can even forgo applying a separate sunscreen when using this cream!

There’s also the Super Coverage Real Complexion Cream SPF 23, designed for those seeking enhanced coverage and longer-lasting wear.

Bloggers’ And Customers’ Reviews of MKUP Real Complexion Cream

Skeptical? We were too. However, the numerous testimonials from satisfied users seem to substantiate its claims.

Both blogger A and C, with oily and combination skin types respectively, found the MKUP Real Complexion Cream to be “refreshing” and “weightless”. Notably, it doesn’t leave their skin feeling greasy, and it doesn’t have that uncomfortable sticky feeling.

MKUP Real Complexion Cream shopee review

Customers on Shopee are also making repeated purchases because the cream “serves well as a foundation base” and “simplifies the makeup process”. It’s praised for its role in quick and easy morning preparations for work, and its effective coverage of skin blemishes, including freckles.

MKUP Real Complexion Cream shopee review

For those who prefer to go makeup-free, the cream’s effectiveness as a base and its ability to enhance facial radiance are highly commended.

As @ror1p66wm3 mentioned on Shopee, the cream may initially appear somewhat white but gradually “blends into the skin colour,” resulting in a subtle, luminous glow without any transfer.

MKUP Real Complexion Cream shopee review

Most importantly, MKUP Real Complexion Cream has proven to be gentle on the skin. @nurjhanahfitrie on Shopee, who claims to have “very sensitive skin to foundation,” attests to its non-irritating nature, dubbing it her “lifesaver for four years”.

MKUP Real Complexion Cream Review: How It Changed My Beauty Routine in 10 Days

First Impressions

MKUP Real Complexion Cream review

As someone who cherishes those precious extra minutes of sleep in the morning, I was super excited to receive MKUP’s Real Complexion Cream, a product hailed as a saviour for lazy girls like me.

Upon unboxing, I was immediately impressed by the thoughtfulness of the packaging. Unlike typical jar packaging that requires repetitive dipping of fingers into the formula, the Real Complexion Cream features a convenient pump mechanism, ensuring a clean and hygienic application. Any excess product can be effortlessly wiped off the lid.

MKUP Real Complexion Cream review

The cream had a luxuriously smooth and lightweight texture that made it a joy to apply. The formula easily glided onto my skin and quickly blended in, leaving no white cast or heavy residue. There was absolutely no oily or sticky feeling!

I also loved the pleasant floral scent that enhanced my application experience.

MKUP Real Complexion Cream review

Left: Before makeup, Right: After makeup

For someone with dry and dull skin, the cream alone provided my face with the moisture it needed. It gave me a hydrated, rosy radiant complexion even without makeup, and I was pleased to see that it could conceal my blemishes, making concealer almost unnecessary.

When tested as a makeup primer, the cream worked wonders in creating a flawless canvas. Its smoothing effect made makeup application a breeze, especially for my cushion foundation and cream blushers. The results spoke for themselves, with my skin looking even and luminous both with and without makeup.

Incorporating MKUP Real Complexion Cream into My Morning Routine

Impressed, I decided to put the MKUP Real Complexion Cream through a rigorous 10-day trial. I spent five days in the hot and humid climate of Singapore and the next five days in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather.

In Singapore, the cream managed to cut my morning routine time in half as it covered both skincare and base makeup, allowing me to gain an extra 30 minutes of sleep every day.

What’s more, it proved to be resilient in the hot and sunny Singapore weather, staying intact even on days when I worked up a sweat. For those concerned about makeup smudging or melting in humid conditions, this cream’s remarkable transfer-resistant properties make it an excellent choice.

I also brought the cream with me to Melbourne, where the temperature dropped to 10 degrees every night. Typically, my dry skin would require a 10-step moisturising routine to prevent flaking.

But with this cream, I only needed to apply it alongside my toner, and my skin remained hydrated throughout the day. It not only saved my skin but also saved luggage space, allowing me to indulge in more shopping!

Brightening Effects of MKUP Real Complexion Cream

MKUP Real Complexion Cream review

Left: Day 0 of Real Complexion Cream, Right: Day 10 of Real Complexion Cream

Over the course of ten days, I couldn’t help but notice the brightening effects of the Real Complexion Cream. My skin appeared more vibrant, which I attribute to its 2% tranexamic acid and a 7-in-1 whitening essence.

It’s like having a mini skincare spa session every day, and the results were evident when I decided to go makeup-free!

Final Thoughts and Where to Get MKUP Real Complexion Cream

MKUP Real Complexion Cream

The Real Complexion Cream has become a vital part of my daily beauty routine, bridging the gap between skincare and makeup. It saves me time and effort while giving me that coveted “my skin but better” effect, and also feels refreshing in Singapore’s humidity.

What’s more, I experienced no irritations throughout the 10 days of using this cream, making it a must-have product for anyone seeking a simplified yet effective beauty routine.

The MKUP Real Complexion Cream is priced at S$35.90 and will be available at a special rate during the 11.11 promotion, where you can purchase two for only S$53.90. You can find it on MKUP’s official website.

This article is brought to you by MKUP.