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Two months ago, I fought a round of hormonal acne and emerged victorious. However, these blemishes I defeated left stark marks along my jawline and on my cheeks long after the breakout had subsided. These scars stood out against my complexion, and to make matters worse, my skin started to appear duller too.

In an attempt to fade those stubborn scars and brighten my skin, I layered on all sorts of vitamin C serums and exfoliating treatments. Despite spamming my skin with numerous brightening products, the pesky dark spots remained and my complexion still looked sullen.

So, when I was offered to try the popular Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment, which picked up ‘Best Anti-Pigmentation Facial‘ in our recent Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to see the difference it could make to my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dull skin.

Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment review: The process

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Outlet

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Survey

With six outlets sprawled across our island, it’s easy to head down to one for a quick pampering session. I visited the branch located at Plaza Singapura, where I was greeted by the warm and attentive receptionists at the counter. After checking in, I was shown to a room where I completed a survey to declare my medical history and potential health risks (above).

In-depth skin analysis

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Consultation

A specialist then came into the room to conduct an in-depth skin analysis. A few closeup images were taken with the advanced computer analyser, and it reveals hidden pigmentation problems too. This helped the specialist to better understand my skin type and current condition, and it allows customers to see the immediate difference that the treatment has made.

Up close, I could see that my skin was incredibly red with dark spots scattered around my face, which indicated more hyperpigmentation that isn’t apparent to the naked eye. The specialist assured me that the Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment would be able to help my post-acne pigmentation. In fact, it can also address a wide range of pigmentation concerns, from sunspots to an uneven skin tone.

Formulated in Japan, the treatment can target skin pigmentation issues without the need for lasers or invasive procedures. It promises visible results after a 90-minute session too, which was quite a bold claim as most other facials require a few sessions to achieve that.

After the specialist noted down my skin concerns, I was ushered to a clean, cosy room where I would have my treatment.

Head massage and double cleanse

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Head Massage

The treatment began with a gentle head massage that instantly soothed my nerves and eased any tension.

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Double Cleanse

The specialist then cleansed my face with a mild milk cleanser, followed by a foaming cleanser to remove excess sebum, traces of dirt, and sunscreen.

Nourishing Hydro Mask

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Hydro Sheet Mask

After a thorough cleanse, the specialist applied a nourishing and hydrating sheet mask on my face. This helped to moisturise and soften my skin, prepping it for the extraction step. While the sheet mask sat on my skin for 10 minutes, the specialist gave me a shoulder massage to loosen up tense knots and relieve any aches.

Extraction of blemishes

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Extraction

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Extraction 1

Once she lifted the sheet mask off and patted the essence into my skin, the specialist carried out a simple extraction. She worked on my jawline, nose, and forehead – areas that were more congested and prone to clogged pores and breakouts. The extraction process was not completely painless, but it was certainly one of the least painful experiences I’ve had.

Shakura Active Formula

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Shakura Active Formula 1

Next came the star of the show: Shakura Active Formula. This serum contains a potent and nourishing blend of milk essence, vitamin C, amino acids, and hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) flower extract. Milk essence is lauded for its ability to stimulate the renewal of skin cells as it hydrates the skin and lightens pigmentation.

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Shakura Active Formula

Meanwhile, the hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract, vitamin C, and amino acids work together to refine the texture of the skin, brighten pigmentation, and boost skin elasticity for a clearer, younger, and more radiant complexion. The specialist applied a few drops of Shakura Active Formula on my skin and smoothed the lightweight serum across my face. While it got to work on my pesky dark spots, I was treated to an eye and neck massage.

Eye and neck massage

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Eye Neck Massage 1

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Eye Neck Massage

The specialist gently carried out a lymphatic massage around my delicate eye area and neck. I enjoyed this step the most as it released some facial tension and strain in my neck.

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Check Skin

After letting the Shakura Active Formula work its magic, the specialist handed me a mirror to see how much brighter my skin looked. Indeed, my complexion had a luminous sheen and a “glass skin” glow in just a few minutes. My eyes looked brighter and less puffy too, thanks to the eye massage.

Double-layered face mask

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review White Mask

As my treatment came to an end, the specialist applied a soothing, white mask on my skin before laying thin sheets of gauze over it.

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Green Mask

Then, she whipped up a thick, gel-based mask and painted it on my face. The mint green gel mask felt incredibly cooling and refreshing, which definitely helped to bring any redness and irritation down.

I was given 20 minutes to rest and relax as the double-layered mask did its thing. It was so comfortable that I nearly fell asleep during this step!

To end off the Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Sunscreen

Since my day wasn’t over, the last step of the Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment was to prep my skin for the outdoors. The therapist patted toner and a lotion moisturiser on my skin before applying sunscreen on, so I could head out in the sun worry-free.

Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment review: The results

After the treatment was completed, I was led back into the consultation room where I had another skin assessment.

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Magnified Closeups

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my complexion looked much healthier and more radiant. In the magnified images, the inflamed acne scars on the side of my face were less red and much less prominent than before. My skin texture appeared smoother and more refined up close too.

A comparison of my face before and after the treatment showed a contrast as well:

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Before After

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Before After Side

Overall, my complexion gained a dewy glow, and it looked brighter from all angles. The post-acne pigmentation on my skin was visibly lighter, which provided much relief as these dark spots had plagued me for months now. I may not have any momentous plans, considering how I work from home and wear a mask outdoors, but it gave me a boost of confidence to have clearer, more radiant-looking skin.

I was very satisfied with the immediate results that I had seen, especially since the entire facial treatment took only 90 minutes. And although there were numerous steps in this treatment, the specialist took her time with each step and put me at ease in the process.

Over the next few days, I also noticed that my skin continued to look bright and hydrated. The texture of my skin still felt smooth and supple. If you’ve been struggling with pigmentation or dull skin, Shakura’s Miroko™ Whitening Treatment is your best bet.

Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment retails at S$428 per session, but first-time customers can enjoy the treatment at only S$48! Click here to sign up!

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