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Achieving a flawless contour can sculpt and define your facial features, elevating your makeup game to a whole new level.

In the realm of social media tutorials, one unconventional approach has emerged, promising to deliver the most scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing contour.

Dr Charles Puza, a dermatologist well-versed in facial anatomy, has taken TikTok by storm with a groundbreaking contouring hack rooted in the principles of aesthetic beauty.

Following his tutorial, we’re here to unveil the secrets behind Dr Charles’s method!

Achieving the perfectly contoured face according to science?

First, create the guidelines for your contour placement. Begin by drawing a straight line from the edge of your nostril (nasal alar) to the bottom of the inner side of your external ear (tragus).

derma contour step 1.1

Next, draw a second straight line from the corner of your lip to the outer corner of your eye.

derma contour step 1.2

Where these lines intersect, you’ll find the “point of maximal projection.” Dr Charles recommends shading everything below this point for a more striking effect.

derma contour step 1.3

After erasing the gridlines, the contour line should be drawn in a curved direction, positioned higher and closer to the centre of the cheeks, deviating from traditional contour placements.

derma contour step 2

Does this contouring placement truly work?

According to makeup artist Erica Taylor (@ericataylor2347), who combines artistic principles with anatomical knowledge, Dr Charles’s approach aligns with the principles of ratio and facial structure.

Erica also provides valuable tips for tailoring the contour shape to your facial features and desired outcome.

She emphasises that dropping the contour line towards the cheeks creates a lift and slimming effect, suitable for more mature faces.

contour lift + slim

On the other hand, contouring along the line of maximal projection offers a “lifted look.”

contour lift

A visual comparison clearly highlights the difference these contour placements can make while adhering to Dr Charles’s technique!


Contouring along the line of maximal projection (left), dropping the contour line towards the cheeks (right)

When it comes to blush, Erica suggests starting at the pupil, sweeping outwards and slightly higher, right under the orbital bone.


Think of this placement as where you would apply highlighter. This technique creates volume and a lift, leveraging the principles of light and dimension, as Erica learned through her study of portraiture.

NikkieTutorials, a popular YouTuber, hopped on the bandwagon to test this method and was equally impressed!


contour based on science?! #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – nikkietutorials

Initially sceptical, she found that the contour, when blended, delivered a subtle yet snatched look.

She attests to the method’s efficacy but advises a light touch, as heavy application can lead to an overly prominent enhancement of cheekbones.

So, will you give this contour technique a try and potentially transform your face-contouring routine?

Featured image credit: @drcharlesmd1/TikTok