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As everybody knows, the kind of food you consume can have a direct impact on the way you look. So naturally, it makes sense to do everything in your power to eat the things that give your skin the best chance of looking its smoothest, bounciest, and glowiest.

This is the main reason behind the popularity of consumable collagen products, such as collagen soup, which many believe will boost the collagen in your skin.

But before you drop your hard-earned cash on another trip to a hotpot restaurant, you should read this.

What’s the deal with collagen, anyway?

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The human body naturally produces collagen by utilising the amino acids found in protein-rich or collagen-rich foods, such as bone broth, meat, and fish.

However, natural ageing, sun exposure, along with poor lifestyle habits like excessive drinking contribute to a decline in collagen production. This results in slacker skin and fine lines in the long term.

Edible collagen products such as collagen soups incorporate collagen derived from various sources, which may include chicken, fish, and pigs. Generally, these products contain peptides, short chains of amino acids that contribute to the formation of crucial proteins in the body, such as collagen and keratin.

The truth about edible collagen products for skincare

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The theory of such collagen foods is that when consumed regularly, they’ll improve your complexion by speeding up its natural collagen production. That all sounds good and promising except for, you know, the science.

At this time, there isn’t sufficient evidence that consuming collagen-rich foods will make a difference in your skin, nails, or hair, as our bodies are unable to absorb these large collagen molecules in their whole form.

Instead, it has to break them down into amino acids before they enter the bloodstream and travel to different parts of the body, a process which only our body controls.

Relying on collagen soup or organ meats to target specific concerns, such as poor complexion, is therefore unlikely to reap significant effects.

You may wonder, “Can collagen molecules be absorbed into our skin through skincare products?” When they are hydrolysed and broken down into smaller, easy-to-process particles, they can!

What’s the better way to prep your skin for ageing?

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If your goal is to achieve healthy, smooth skin, and fewer wrinkles in the long run, you’re better off focusing on applying collagen-based skincare products that combine hydrolysed collagen with other science-backed skincare ingredients.

Consuming less processed foods and alcohol can help with healthy skin ageing as well, as these habits have been found to lower our collagen production rates.

A topical alternative to collagen foods

Using a clinical approach to nourishing the skin and accelerating our bodies’ natural healing performance, Cori Skin Lab has created the Cori Skin Lab Advanced Repair Cream, an anti-ageing repair cream that stimulates collagen regeneration and supports your skin’s structure to enhance its firmness and elasticity.

Specifically, it’s a collagen-based cream that uses the biotech company’s proprietary formulation to provide several clinically-proven skincare benefits.

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It combines key ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Umibudo Caviar, Cynanchum Atratum, and Carcinine, to detoxify your skin cells, repair damaged skin tissues, soothe inflammation, as well as diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

After 28 days of use, you’ll see visible anti-ageing effects, such as reduced wrinkle depth, enhanced skin moisture, reduced pigmentation, tighter, and more lifted skin!

Whether you’re using the Cori Skin Lab Advanced Repair Cream in the AM and PM, you’ll notice that its fragrance-free formula has an ultra-soothing effect on the skin. It was designed to suit even those with sensitive skin, providing instant relief for inflamed and peeled skin.

Besides its host of anti-ageing and skin-repairing benefits, the cream also works well as a makeup base in the mornings due to its fast absorption and mattifying effect.

In sum, it’s better to avoid sodium-laden collagen soups and invest your efforts into using proven collagen skincare solutions for a better complexion!

Cori Skin Lab Advanced Repair Cream retails for S$135 and is available at Cori Skin Lab’s official webstore, as well as Lazada

This article is brought to you by Cori Skin Lab.

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