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We’re all well aware of how makeup can work wonders to enhance our features, but here’s a secret you might not know: your facial posture can actually take your appearance to the next level, almost like a free facelift!

To give you the lowdown on this beauty secret, TikTok creator, @l_yuhann, shared what facial posture is all about and how you can up your game. This is one of her most coveted beauty secrets, so let’s dive right in!

What Is Facial Posture And How Can It Transform Your Face?

Facial posture, in simple terms, is your natural resting face. Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of Jen, with and without her conscious attention to facial posture.


Comparing unengaged facial posture (left) to engaged facial posture (right).

The difference is striking! Her jaw alignment looks sharper, her chin is more pronounced, and her jawline is more defined.

So, how does she do it? It’s all about mastering the art of controlling the muscles around her lips and chin.

How Can You Enhance Your Own Facial Posture?

Tip 1: Activate Those Chin Muscles

Start by making it a habit to engage the muscles in your chin to keep your mouth closed.


As you practice this, you’ll notice the muscle on your chin getting more toned, which gives your chin a shorter, more sculpted appearance.


Tip 2: Create A Perpetual Smile Illusion

If you have a shorter chin with a relatively longer philtrum, simply allowing your lips to rest in a downward position can make the philtrum seem longer and your chin shorter – not the ideal proportion!


Photo credit: Hyundai Aesthetics Plastic Surgery

So, here’s the trick: practice controlling the muscles around your lips to maintain a subtle smile when you talk. Over time, your resting face will naturally radiate a cheerful appearance.


Not only will you exude a more positive vibe, but you’ll also witness a transformation in your facial proportions, with a shorter philtrum and a longer-looking chin.

As Jen wisely puts it, “It might seem a bit tiresome at first, but soon, it’ll become second nature.”

So, if you’re eager to give this a go, remember that practice makes perfect!

Featured image credit: @l_yuhann/TikTok.