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Tired of endlessly swatching different foundations in stores and ruining your perfect base makeup?

Finding your foundation shade can be a massive headache, and dealing with excess product all over your hands only adds to the hassle.

So, if you want to identify your exact shade while skipping the mess of trying numerous foundations, this article is for you!

Thanks to TikToker Mei (@unbiden on TikTok), we’ve discovered a hack to easily “try on” foundation that’s both hygienic and convenient, initially used in beauty stores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on for all the details on this unique method, and what to look out for when trying this tip out for yourself!

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  1. The Hack
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The Hack

Credits: @unbiden/TikTok

To find your right shade, you’ll need a clear plastic sheet that’s small enough to hold up to different parts of your face!

First, identify a few shades that look the closest to your complexion, and pump them directly onto the plastic sheet.

Then, using the plastic sheet as a palette, spread the foundation shades into even stripes of product for ease of comparison.

Hold the sheet against your face to see how the shades look when they’re “floating” on your skin, and the one that blends in seamlessly is your perfect shade!


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You can use small plastic covers, such as the ones used to protect powders, as they’re stiff enough to easily hold product, yet small enough to manoeuvre as you test the foundation on different areas of your face.

You can also try using cling wrap, which is flexible enough to hold directly on your skin, to give you more accurate results.

Lastly, for an easily accessible alternative, you can try using a clear plastic bag, cutting it into small squares for convenience.

Things To Note


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Firstly, make sure you’re conducting your tests with the right lighting!

Fluorescent LED lights found in stores may affect how the foundation looks, so remember to look at your foundation from different angles, and try to observe the foundation under natural lighting.

If this isn’t possible, try to find a part of the store where lights are directly shining on your face, to give you a clear view of the foundation colours.

Still, take these hacks with a pinch of salt – the pigments and oils in foundation can oxidise when in contact with the natural acidity and warmth of your skin, which darkens its colour.

It’s best to leave the foundation on the plastic sheet for up to 10 minutes to see how it changes over time, but keep in mind that unless it’s applied directly to your complexion, you might not get an accurate reflection of how it’ll react with your skin.

One solution is to opt for a slightly lighter shade of foundation to balance out the oxidisation!

Credits: @unbiden/TikTok

Beyond foundation, you can also use this trick for concealer – swipe the concealer right next to the foundation for a direct comparison, which will help you pick out a set of concealer and foundation with the right undertones.

For a brightening effect, look for a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your foundation. Plus, try to angle the plastic sheet to get the concealer close to areas like your undereyes to achieve the perfect match.

You can even try out lipsticks by swatching the product onto the plastic sheet and holding it up to your lips. This helps you check if warm or cool lipsticks look best against your skin!

This hack is a lot more hygienic than actually making contact with the store’s testers, and you won’t have to smudge or remove your existing makeup with a slew of products as you make your decision.

Featured image credits: @unbiden/TikTok.