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We spend a lot of our time fussing over our skin but how about our crowning glory? How our hair looks is just as important as how our skin appears, but many of us are guilty of using no more than a shampoo and conditioner – sometimes shared among the entire family.

It’s not too late to buck up on the hair department. We help you get the ball rolling with these five useful tips that Korean hair experts revealed on Get It Beauty, the top beauty programme in Korea. (Psst, did you know that it is possible to have oily scalp, but dry hair? If you think this describes you, don’t miss tip #4!)

1. You need more than one hair brush or comb

get it beauty hair seo yeon seo 2

You must have come across many types of hair brushes and combs, all shaped differently. They’re made for unique functions and everyone needs a handful of them to help achieve better hair according to Seo Yeon Seo, hair model and hair care expert, who has six in her round brushes collection!

get it beauty hair seo yeon seo 3

She uses a cushion brush when she wants to massage her scalp. Watch her demonstrate how she massages her scalp with the brush, and what the other five round brushes in her stash are for.

2. For a DIY hair pack, use egg white

egg white hair pack

You might have heard about using egg white in your DIY facial mask for oil control; Seo Yeon Seo also swears by egg white as a DIY hair pack. Simply separate egg white from the yolk, whisk till it becomes a foamy consistency, and apply it onto scalp. Leave it on for a short time and rinse it off with cool water thoroughly. The hair model and expert says that it helps cleanse her hair follicles and keep her scalp from feeling greasy.

3. You can eat your way to better hair

Just like our skin, our hair requires the right nutrition to look better. Chef Seo Hyun Myung introduces four foods that can help improve our hair condition:

  • Quinoa, rich in protein (the main building block of hair)
  • Sesame, which is known for its ability to prevent hair loss
  • Oranges, high in vitamin C and beta-carotene, which can help prevent dandruff
  • Green tea, an antioxidant has an anti-ageing effect on the scalp

chef get it beauty 1

Watch the show to see how Chef Seo Hyun Myung put the ingredients together to create two delicious low-calorie dishes that aren’t just healthy, but great boosters for your locks – who says healthy food can’t be tasty! They’re so easy to follow, you can definitely replicate them at home.

4. Treat your scalp and hair differently

woo ho rim get it beauty

Does having oily scalp means you have oily hair? Not necessarily so, according to hair artist Woo Ho Rim. You may have oily scalp but dry hair that is caused by styling processes like perming and dyeing. What this means is that you have to look at your scalp and hair differently, make a diagnosis on what condition each of them has, and then use different products to treat each part. In some cases, you may have to use a different shampoo for your hair and scalp.

Woo Ho Rim shares more common hair mistakes in the show that we’re sure some of you are guilty of. We know we are!

5. Use carbonated water to wash your scalp

carbonated water

Carbonated water is able to unclog your pores and balance the pH level of your scalp. If your scalp is too dry, consider using carbonated to wash your scalp. Woo Ho Rim shows how he uses it – by fixing a nozzle to a bottle of carbonated water, how smart! But this is not the only trick up his maestro sleeves, he shares even more useful tips on caring for your hair and scalp that you can do at home. Watch Get It Beauty to find out!

Bonus on Get It Beauty: Kim Ji Won from Descendants of the Sun shares her beauty secrets

kim ji won 2
Besides hair care tips, the latest episode of Get It Beauty also features Kim Ji Won, the second female lead from Descendants of the Sun.

kim ji won 1

She shares her beauty secrets, including the special technique she uses to make sure her skin is well-protected from UV rays.

You can catch Get It Beauty first on Viu every Thursday with subtitles. Stream it or download the episodes for offline viewing while on the go. Download the Viu app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, or visit the Viu website to watch it now.

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