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Cushion foundations are all the rage, lauded for their supposed easy application. However, the reality can be quite different from what you see on social media.

Despite the promised flawless finish, your cushion foundations tend to apply unevenly, drawing attention to your dry and flaky patches instead.

But, before you throw in the towel, convinced that cushion foundations aren’t a good fit for your skin, keep reading because there may be a solution!

Cushion Foundation Hacks To Achieve That K-pop Idol Glow

Our reliable beauty expert, Jen, also known as @l_yuhann on TikTok, has some insightful cushion foundation tips to achieve that effortlessly radiant makeup base, just like your favourite K-pop stars and K-drama actresses.

Hack #1: Using a Glowy Primer

cushion foundation hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

Jen has a tip for you if your skin lacks that natural glow: start your base routine with a hydrating primer. This simple step lays the groundwork for a flawless, radiant base when applying a cushion foundation.

Hack #2: Controlling Product Amount on Your Cushion Foundation

cushion foundation hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

When applying cushion foundation, avoid pressing too hard into the cushion, as this can result in an excess of product.

Unlike liquid foundation, where it’s easier to measure how much product you’re applying, the puff in cushion foundations absorbs most of the product, making it difficult to gauge.

Jen’s solution is to lightly dab the puff on the casing to remove any excess product before applying it.

Hack #3: Start From Your Cheekbones

cushion foundation hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

To achieve the ideal foundation distribution, Jen suggests starting from the cheekbones and lightly spreading it.

This ensures that the coverage is heaviest at the centre of your face, and the lightest around your jaw to prevent a heavy, mask-like appearance.

Jen also suggests applying the foundation more lightly around your mouth and nose, areas that are susceptible to creasing.

Hack #4: Spreading the Remaining Product

cushion foundation hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

After blending most of the product, Jen uses the leftover foundation on her puff to target specific areas.

She recommends applying in this order: around the eyes, lips, and lastly, the nose.

For the nose, she recommends pressing the product into the skin with the puff while gently bending your nose away.

Hack #5: Using a Setting Spray

cushion foundation hack

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

To set your makeup without sacrificing the glowy finish, Jen recommends using a setting spray instead of powder.

Glowy Primer Recommendations

3CE Glow Beam

Cushion hack

Loved by NewJeans’ makeup artist, Lee Nakyuem, 3CE Glow Beam stands out as a multifaceted makeup essential, serving as a makeup booster, highlighter, and tone-up base.

With its double layers of fine pearls and a peachy-pink base, it effortlessly enhances your skin, giving it a radiant and extra glowy appearance.

Thanks to its hydrating and slightly sticky texture, this product ensures your makeup stays put for an extended period. It’s the one product you need for a long-lasting and beautiful makeup look!

3CE Glow Beam retails for S$35.64 and is available on Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing, tap in to see the updated price!

NARS Radiance Primer

Cushion hack

We all know and love the classic NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but don’t sleep on their equally impressive Radiance Primer.

This primer features a radiance-boosting complex that effortlessly revitalises your tired-looking skin. It imparts a warm glow to your skin, complete with a subtle pearlescent finish that captures and reflects light beautifully.

Not to mention, it’s got you covered with SPF 35, thanks to encapsulated sunscreen beads that kick in as soon as you apply it, ensuring you get that sun protection you need!

NARS Radiance Primer (30ml) retails for S$64 and is available on Sephora

Cushion Recommendations

TIRTIR Mask Fit Cushion

cushion foundation hacks

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

Jen uses the TIRTIR Mask Fit Cushion – Red in her tutorial, a product that has gained immense popularity in Japan, and it’s easy to see why.

With this cushion foundation, you’re not just getting excellent coverage; you’re also treating your skin to a blend of nourishing ingredients for a radiant and healthy complexion.

cushion foundation hacks

What sets it apart is its ability to deliver an elegant glow while maintaining a smooth adherence, thanks to its unique combination of dense yet lightweight powder.

The added benefit of SPF 40 PA++ UC protection also ensures superior sun protection, making it a versatile all-in-one solution.

Enriched with three nourishing ingredients – hibiscus flower, red propolis, and astaxanthin, this cushion foundation even preserves your skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles!

TIRTIR Mask Fit Cushion- Red retails for S$34.68 and is available at iHerb.

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte

Cushion hack

If you’re into a matte finish, give the Laneige Neo Cushion Matte a shot.

This SPF46++ cushion not only provides excellent coverage, but it also contains over 80% skincare ingredients.

Once applied, your skin will be deeply moisturised, and with continued use, you will notice your skin feeling more supple and firm!

The formula also incorporates corn mint leaf extract to assist in sebum control, giving you a matte finish that stays put throughout the day!

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte retails for S$70 and is available on Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing, tap in to see the updated price!

Setting Spray Recommendations

Urban Decay Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Cushion hack

When it comes to setting spray, the Urban Decay Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a top favourite.

Crafted to boost your makeup’s endurance for a remarkable 16 hours, this vegan setting spray envelops your skin in a fine mist that dries down to provide incredibly lightweight coverage.

It’s also equipped with temperature control technology so that your makeup will stay flawless even in high humidity and heat.

Plus, it’s a versatile choice as it caters to all skin types!

Urban Decay Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray retails for S$50.76 and is available on Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing, tap in to see the updated price!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

Cushion hack

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray is another legend in the realm of setting sprays that seems to vanish from shelves every time there’s a sale.

Packed with the goodness of aloe vera, green tea, and aromatic resin, it functions like an invisible shield, flawlessly setting your makeup for a solid 16 hours.

No melting or settling into lines – just a reliable, long-lasting finish!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray retails for S$59 and is available on Sephora.

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Featured image credits: @ l_yuhann/TikTok