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K-pop sensations like Won Young from IVE and Giselle from aespa are turning heads with their latest eyeliner design, known as the “long eyeliner look.”

This makeup technique has the ability to enlarge your eyes naturally, and with guidance from our favourite TikTok beauty expert, Jen (@l_yuhann), we now have a step-by-step tutorial to help us achieve the coveted look.

Analysing Jang Won Young’s “Long Eyeliner Look”

kpop idols long eyeliner look

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

Don’t be fooled into thinking this tutorial is just about extending your eyeliner.

Look closely at where Won Young’s eye ends (A) and where her eyeliner concludes (B). Notably, her eyeshadow on both the upper and lower lids reaches the end of her eyeliner, not her actual eyes. This technique also applies to her aegyo-sal makeup!

This visual illusion tricks our eye into perceiving that her eyes end where the extended eyeliner does, resulting in an enlarged effect.

Want to achieve this “eyeliner makeup look” in just five simple steps? Keep reading!

Step 1: Blend Eyeshadow to the End of Your Eyeliner

kpop idols long eyeliner look

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

Start by extending the tail of your eyeliner. Then, blend your eyeshadow to the end of your eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids.

Jen uses a warm apricot-brown shade that complements her undertone, serving as the base eyeshadow for contouring her eyes.

Step 2: Extend Your Aegyo-sal and Double Eyelid Crease

kpop idols long eyeliner look

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

If your aegyo-sal (those small pockets of fat under the eyes) is quite noticeable, use a light brown eyeshadow to extend it to near where your eyeliner ends.

Draw it slightly upward, following the natural contours of your aegyo-sal for a more natural appearance.

If your aegyo-sal isn’t very prominent, squint your eyes and draw your line below the middle of your eyes. Then, gradually extend it outward and upward, until you reach near the ends of your eyeliner.

Next, extend your double eyelid crease parallel to the eyeliner, using the same brown eyeshadow.

Step 3: Draw Your Bottom Lash Line

kpop idols long eyeliner look

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

For a more cohesive look, define your bottom lash line with a natural orange-brown gel liner.

Begin near the end of your upper eyeliner, outlining your lower line with a slight gap below your actual lash line.

Stop as you reach the middle of your lash line, and make sure to blend the gel liner using a brush for a softer effect.

Step 4: Focus Mascara on the Ends of Your Eyes

kpop idols long eyeliner look

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

When applying mascara, concentrate on the outer lashes to create an effect that fans outward.

You can also apply individual eyelashes to the outer corners of your eyes for more definition!

Step 5: Wear Enlarging Lenses

kpop idols long eyeliner look

Credits: @l_yuhann/TikTok

To perfect your entire eye look, consider wearing enlarging lenses, especially if your pupils seem smaller in proportion to the new size of your eyes.

And there you have it! Just look at the remarkable difference in Jen’s eye sizes, despite the fact that the eyeliners are the same length.

Her eyes appear noticeably larger on the side with the “long eyeliner look,” even though her eyeliner is almost invisible!

Where to Find the Products She Used?

  • Step 1: e.l.f. Cosmetics Cream Eyeliner retails for S$12.38 and is available on Amazon.
  • Step 5: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara retails for S$29.16 and is available on Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing. Tap in to see updated price.
  • Step 6: Olens Ever Shine Brown lens retails for US$21 (~S$28.10) and is available on Olens.

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Featured image credits: @for_everyoung10/Instagram, @l_yuhann/TikTok, @aerichandesu/Instagram