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Fashion guru, Tim Gunn of Project Runway and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style fame, has popularised the “top 10 style must-haves” in every woman’s wardrobe. Taking inspiration from his original list, we introduce the Top 10 Beauty Essentials List. Look through your beauty wardrobe to make sure you’ve got everything covered!

applying makeup for work or party

1. The little black dress

1. A powerful serum

Just like the little black dress, which is an unrivalled must-have in every fashion wardrobe, a little black bottle of skincare serum is just what you need to build a perfect foundation for timeless skin’s quality. Never walk out of your house without this essential step in your skincare regime.

lancome genifique

Try: The little black bottle of skincare goodness has to be the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate. Promising youthful-looking and smoother skin in just seven days, the unique Génifique formula taps on gene science to act on 10 key signs of youth, so that skin looks and feels healthier. No wonder this best-seller from Lancôme doesn’t ever get out of style!

2. Trench coat

2. Sunscreen

Tim Gunn loves the trench coat because it’s an outerwear that’s appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. This sounds exactly like what sunscreen should be like in our beauty regime. Apply sunscreen conscientiously to protect yourself from damaging UV rays that are responsible for the appearance of pigmentation and signs of ageing. And yes, a good sunscreen should definitely take you from a supermarket visit, to a golf session with your clients.


Try: Lancôme UV Expert XL-Shield. This lightweight sunscreen offers SPF50 PA+++, which is sufficient for daily wear and even outdoors activities. Defending your skin from both UVA rays (ageing rays) while maintaining a 12-hour UVB (burning rays) protection, this sunscreen also has an anti-greyness technology that helps promote the look of rosy skin.

3. Classic dress pants

3. Eye serum

According to Tim Gunn, the classic dress pants can be easily dressed up or down, depending on what you wear it with. The eye serum is much like this; regardless of your current skincare regime: brightening, anti-ageing, or hydration, the eye serum is a perfect complementary product that you cannot leave out.


Try: Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl is a light-reinforced eye-illuminating serum inspired by gene science. Equipped with a massage applicator that gives firm but delicate pressure for the eye area, this product helps eyes look bigger, brighter, and younger.

4. Versatile skirt

4. Versatile fragrance

A versatile skirt that can be easily worn to different occasion has the same effect as a versatile fragrance: you can pair it with the right getup to present a different side of you, while exuding a sense of seductive femininity.

lancome miracle

Try: For a fresh and delightful scent, look no further than the Lancôme Miracle EDP. This iconic fragrance boasts of fruity-floral top notes consisting of Lychee and Freesia, delicate heart notes of Magnolia, and sensuous base notes of Absolute Jasmine, Musk, and Amber. Wear it with a sundress for a picnic, or with an LBD for an evening function.

5. Fitted blazer

5. Bold lipstick

You’ve dressed down for Friday, but your boss asked you at 11am to meet business associates for lunch at noon. What’s the best way to jazz up your outfit to make it appropriate for that important meeting? Throw on a fitted blazer, of course! Now, imagine the same scenario, but instead of dressing casually, you’ve put on minimal makeup that day – what is the best way to save this situation? Apply lipstick in a va-va-voom shade! This is a fool-proof way to glam up your appearance instantly.

L'Absolu Rouge Defintion 285 - LE SEPIA (BD)

Try: Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Définition. This lipstick delivers intense colour, high precision and long-lasting wear. Giving a matte finish, this lipstick is moisturising while offering high colour saturation. You’d definitely need to put this in your emergency kit.

6. Classic white shirt

6. BB cushion compact

Polished and sophisticated, the classic white shirt puts a look together without much fanfare, just like the right BB cushion compact, which helps create the look of flawless complexion, yet still makes you feel comfortable all day.

lancome bb cushion sakura

Try: The Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion features an airy cushion soaked with moisturising foundation that gives an illuminated, translucent finish to skin. The pigments in the formula also gives a blur effect so that imperfections are softened, and skin looks more even. Its serum-like texture also guarantees absolute comfort on the skin throughout the day.

7. Day dress

7. Day cream

If you’ve got your evenings covered by the LBD, then your days are safe with a fitting day dress. In a similar way, no morning regime is complete without a day cream that hydrates your skin and keeps it glowing for the rest of the day.

renergie day cream

Try: Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream. This lifting and firming face cream is inspired by space biology and helps restores your skin’s firmness and elasticity, so that your facial contours look more defined and refined. This is the go-to product before your makeup routine.

8. Cashmere sweater

8. Mascara

A cashmere sweater is an understated piece that subtly adds a sense of luxury to any look. The beauty equivalent to this fashion essential? Definitely a smudge-proof mascara that coats and defines every lash completely.

lancome hypnose doll eyes

Try: Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes. This mascara may look ordinary, but it really has every bit of opulence crafted into it: a carefully-developed cone-shaped brush that assures the ideal load on each lash, including those hard-to-reach corners, and the exclusive Fibershine formula that gives a beautiful curve to lashes. This waterproof mascara promises to last for 24 hours, proving to you that luxury can last.

9. Perfect-fit jeans

9. Perfect fit foundation

Have you ever tried a pair of jeans and the moment you put it on in the fitting room you know that it is perfect for you? It hugs at your hips without any muffin top showing, and flatters your bum and legs.

Finding a great foundation feels somewhat the same – it should feel like a second skin. The moment you apply it, and see how light reflects from your skin, giving you a natural-looking glow, you know that it is a foundation you’ll never stop wearing.

teint miracle

Try: Lancôme Teint Miracle. Formulated with the Universal Light Technology, this foundation is made to intensify skin’s natural radiance under any lighting condition. Those who use it love its non-cakey finish and weightless texture. It also hydrates skin because it’s formulated with 40% water. It feels just like a second skin.

10. Alternative to sweatsuit

10. Whitening serum

Wearing excessive concealer in a bid to cover imperfections is like wearing a sweatsuit – it may serve the needs of the moment, but it’s not chic, nor is it a long-term solution. A better option? Treat pigmentation issues with a whitening serum that works, so that you can wear anything or nothing (on your face, that is) and still feel confident.

lancome spot eraser

Try: Lancôme Blanc Expert Melanolyser[AI] Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser. Targeted at spots of different nature seen on the skin of Asian women, this spot solution is revolutionary because it doesn’t just correct flat spots, it also improves the look of textured spots.

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