Zhao Lusi is one of several Asian actors on our long list of role models. Since she made her acting debut in the 2017 online drama Cinderella Chef, we have kept tabs on her.

Her roles in Oh! My Emperor, Love Better than Immortality, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and Dating in the Kitchen, however, may be more familiar to you.

We looked into the Chinese actress to learn a thing or two about beauty and wellness, but were surprised to discover her “menstrual weight loss” technique along the way. Keep reading to find out more!

Zhao Lusi’s beauty tips

She loves her wet wipes

Zhao Lusi Beauty Tips - Wet Wipes RED

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Zhao Lusi believes maintaining healthy skin shouldn’t be a problem as long as the face has been cleansed thoroughly.

She goes above and beyond after washing her face by using gentle wet wipes to wipe her entire face. She makes sure to gently remove any remaining makeup by going over the chin and the greasy T-zone.

She layers her creamy and watery products

This actress takes great care to moisturise her face softly before adding a layer of cream, which is one thing she is quite careful about.

She applies extra lotion when the products have been well absorbed. The alternating layers of watery and creamy products can promote moisture and reduce stickiness.

She regularly uses mud masks

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On her personal social media account, the actress said that she uses a purifying mud mask on her face at least once every week.

After applying the mud mask for 10 to 15 minutes, she carefully rinses it off with warm water. The dirt from the pores can be effectively removed this way.

She applies sunscreen every day

We are not surprised that Zhao Lusi always applies sunscreen diligently, regardless of the season or weather.

In addition to sunscreen, she occasionally wears a hat and sunglasses. It makes sense why her skin appears elastic and bouncy.

Menstrual weight loss method

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Our period of menstruation can actually be a prime time for weight loss, despite the fact that most people feel terrible during the time of the month.

An easy way to shed three kilogrammes in a week is Zhao Lusi’s “menstrual weight loss method,” which combines exercise with dieting. You can check out her full video on this here.

Exercise 1: Sit cross-legged (1 to 2 days before menstruation)

You can get in a little premenstrual exercise by sitting cross-legged on the ground and pressing your entire body weight down.

Set your hands in front of you and hold them there for at least 30 seconds. Your inner thighs should experience a small amount of pressure.

Exercise 2: Kneeling baby pose (1 to 3 days during menstruation)

You can try this method of light exercise because the first few days of menstruation are the most unpleasant.

Simply sit down, kneel like a baby, and join your legs. Keep your body in this position for 30 to 60 seconds. It can also ease discomfort in the abdomen – how great is that!

Exercise 3: Cross-leg stretching (4 to 5 days during menstruation)

You can perform this cross-leg stretching exercise on the fourth or fifth day of your period, toward the end of the menstrual cycle.

Lean forward while extending one leg straight out to the side, then slowly lower yourself to the ground. Alternate between the two legs after a minute.

“Menstrual weight loss method” diet

The actress’ diet is largely focused on creating a calorie deficit, where she consumes less food than she usually would. This is why her meals below exclude dinner. If you’re attempting her diet plan and you’re feeling way too hungry or lightheaded in the evening, however, do not skip dinner.

Zhao Lusi Beauty Tips - Menstrual Weight Loss Method Diet - lusizhao_ on Instagram

Photo source: @lusizhao_ on Instagram


  • Breakfast: One boiled egg, oatmeal (Snack: Five strawberries)
  • Lunch: Vegetable salad (Snack: Low-calorie fruit)


  • Breakfast: A glass of low-fat milk, sandwich (Snack: Apple)
  • Lunch: Boiled vegetables, cauliflower shrimp salad (Snack: Half a sweet potato)


  • Breakfast: One boiled egg, a cup of soy milk (Snack: A tomato)
  • Lunch: Kelp soup, stir-fried vegetables (Snack: A glass of low-fat milk)


  • Breakfast: A cup of soy milk, whole wheat bread (Snack: Two bananas)
  • Lunch: Half a corn, half a sweet potato (Snack: Low-sugar fruit)


  • Breakfast: One boiled egg, yogurt (Snack: 15 cherry tomatoes)
  • Lunch: Mushroom soup, vegetable salad (Snack: One diced orange)


  • Breakfast: A glass of low-fat milk, a sweet potato (Snack: Dragon fruit)
  • Lunch: Beef 200g, a tomato (Snack: A cucumber)


  • Breakfast: A cup of black coffee, whole wheat bread (Snack: A kiwi fruit)
  • Lunch: Chicken breast 300g, milk (Snack: Low-sugar fruit)

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