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Have you heard? Rom&nd’s has welcomed a baby sister, and it’s been making waves in Japan. It goes by the name “&nd”, and it’s the first Korean brand to grace the shelves of Lawson (Japan’s go-to convenience store).

The excitement reached its peak when &nd products flew off the shelves in just three days, earning the brand a spotlight in Japanese news!

So, what’s behind this beauty craze that’s taking the Japanese beauty scene by storm?

What Is &nd By rom&nd?


Photo credit: @andbyromand/Instagram.

Produced in Korea at Rom&nd’s facilities, &nd offers the same trendy shades but at a more affordable price. Don’t let the budget-friendly tag fool you; it maintains top-notch quality, making it a hit with consumers.

Its debut collection boasts 25 items across seven categories: lip, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, foundation, and nail.

Ready to explore these exciting new products? Let’s dive in!

What Does The &nd Lineup Offer?

Mellow Mat Cushion


&nd cushion

Mellow Mat Cushion in BE01 Pure (left) and BE02 Natural (right).

This cushion foundation imparts a soft, semi-matte finish with a subtle glow. Its smooth texture ensures a flawless look even without powder. The SPF50+/PA++++ provides protection against UV rays.

The mini-sized puff makes it easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas! It’s available in two shades: BE01 Pure and BE02 Natural.

The Mellow Mat Cushion retails for ¥1,580 (~S$14.23) each.

Mellow Draw Eyebrow

This eyebrow pencil, a bestseller in Japan, is a double-ended tool with a naginata-shaped pencil and a screw brush, providing all-in-one eyebrow makeup!

Choose from two colours: GR01 Taupe, a natural grey for adding hair-like strokes where needed, and BR01 Chocolate, a versatile brown for all hair colours.

The Mellow Draw Eyebrow retails for ¥880 (~S$7.93) each.

Mellow Eye Palette

This four-colour palette offers a mix of matte and delicate glitter shades. The soft powder ensures high adhesion, maintaining a freshly applied look over time! Portable and versatile, it can be used for both eyeshadows and blush.

Now, let’s talk choices. Which palette suits your vibe?

PK01 Rose Fog

Rose pink, rose beige, and a non-yellowing brown shade.


BR01 Soft Brown

Keep it classic with this go-to brown palette – perfect for your everyday glam.


BR02 Apple Cinnamon

Yellowish beige and brown shades paired with a pop of bright terracotta.


The Mellow Eye Palette retails for ¥1,350 (~S$12.16) each.

Mellow Volume Mascara


Mellow Volume Mascara in BK01 Dark Black.


Mellow Volume Mascara in BR01 Ash Brown.

Achieve voluminous and lengthened lashes with this mascara that layers easily without clumping! Available in two colours, BK01 Dark Black and BR01 Ash Brown, it provides a natural finish resembling additional natural lashes.

The Mellow Volume Mascara retails for ¥980 (~S$8.83) each.

Mellow Draw Eyeliner


Mellow Draw Eyeliner in BK01 Real Black.


Mellow Draw Eyeliner in BR01 Creamy Brown.

Designed for easy use, this eyeliner features an ultra-fine brush for delicate lines. Despite its mini size, the brush tip matches a regular eyeliner, making it simple to draw sharp wings. It comes in BK01 Real Black and BR01 Creamy Brown.

The Mellow Draw Eyeliner retails for ¥880 (~S$7.93) each.

Glassy Eye Glitter

This eye glitter shines brightly with a fine, concentrated sparkle. The thin brush tip allows precise application, ensuring you can place the glitter exactly where desired.

Once dry, it transforms into a smooth texture, allowing you to revel in the glimmer throughout the day without concerns about it flaking off.

Choose from two shades:

PK01 Cherry Blossom

Pink, purple, and bluish glitter in a clear base. It looks whitish when applied, and spreads into a bluish-pink shimmer.


OR01 Orange Blossom

It is packed with gold, green, pink, and blue glitter, as well as large silver holographic specks for a multi-dimensional effect.


The Glassy Eye Glitter retails for ¥750 (~S$6.76) each.

Glassy Balm

This sheer lip balm goes on smoothly, leaving your lips glossy and moisturised!

It’s available in three shades:

BE01 Nut Beige

A subtle reddish beige.


PK01 Bear Rose

A soft rose pink.


RD01 Chiliway

A warm, yellowish red.


The Glassy Balm retails for ¥880 (~S$7.93) each.

Glassy Bomb Tint

The Glassy Bomb Tint gives you a comfortable, fresh, tinted lip look with glossy volume! It’s a long-lasting tint that’s easy to apply and goes well with any makeup.

Choose from five shades:

BE01 Nudie Nude


Nude beige with a hint of red.

PK01 Pink Dare

Cool bluish-pink.


BR01 Desert Brick

Brown with a touch of red.


BR02 Rose Bean

Deep mauve rose.


BR03 Cocoa Brown

Cocoa brown with red hints.


The Glassy Bomb Tint retails for ¥780 (~S$7.03) each.

Glassy Drop Nails

Available in four stylish colours, this nail polish features a flexible brush for achieving glossy and plump nails with just one coat. Choose from four shades:

BE01 Caramel

A refined beige, perfect for a natural nail look.


RD01 Raspberry

A translucent, vibrant raspberry hue.


VI01 Milk Berry

A subdued brown with a sheer finish.


GN01 Avocado

A subtle and calming green.

The Glassy Drop Nails retails for ¥550 (~S$4.96) each.

Where To Find The &nd Lineup?

As of now, you can’t get &nd by Rom&nd in Singapore – it’s only up for grabs at Lawson stores in Japan. Watch this space – we’ll keep you posted when it lands in Singapore.

In the meantime, you can still snag some Rom&nd goodies online at their Official Lazada Store and Official Shopee Store.

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Featured image credits: @andbyromand/Instagram.