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Lobe, helix, tragus, daith, industrial, conch… We can all agree that getting your ears pierced is rather addictive, but can often rack up quite a bill.

If you’re looking to get yet another one without breaking the bank, look no further, because we might have possibly found the cheapest place to get your ears pierced in Singapore.

The cherry on top? They have an extensive range of earrings at an insanely low cost to dazzle up your new piercings once they’re healed.

Let’s get into it!


Only $0.90 per pair 🧸🛍️

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Cheapest place to get your ears pierced in Singapore

Credit: beadstreet/TikTok

Beadstreet, located in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, is currently offering ear piercings at the low price of S$4.50 per piercing, regardless of placement. This even comes with a complimentary stud—a steal beyond all steals.

Credit: beadstreet/TikTok

However, it is worth noting that they perform their piercings with a piercing gun instead of a needle. So, if that bothers you, you might want to reconsider getting your ears pierced here.

In general, do exercise caution if you intend to get cartilage piercings with a gun!

Earrings for under S$1 a pair

Credit: beadstreet/TikTok

Yes, you read that right. Each pair of earrings sold here retails for only S$0.90! That means you could cart out 10 pairs for less than S$10. We don’t know about you, but that sounds crazy to us.

The selection offered is also expansive, spanning chic and classy faux diamond designs to adorable little teddies.

That’s not all. This shop carries phone, smart watch protective cases, and screen protectors, so you can bedazzle your devices while at it too.

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