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Some people buy makeup products for their unique colours, while others are attracted to beautiful packaging. But have you ever tried buying makeup for the shade names?

Beyond noting down their most flattering colours, it seems most people don’t pay much attention to what the shades are called. After all, the quality and look of a product are what first draws us in.

However, we’ve found some surprisingly entertaining shade names from popular brands, ranging from cute and quirky to strange and slightly disturbing, so read on to find out more!

Perfect Diary

This viral video from Nicole (@lielnicole) features lip products from C-beauty brand Perfect Diary. They sport unique names like ‘Try Me’ and ‘Whatever’, an unexpectedly aggressive choice for lipsticks!


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The shade names almost seem to be charting a failed relationship, with lipstick names going from ‘Nice To Meet You’ and ‘You Make Me Melt’, to ‘You Deserve Better’ and ‘Love Hurts’.

Credits: @lielnicole/TikTok

Nicole even jokes that the brand’s name is apt, with the shade names reminiscent of someone venting in their personal diary.

Perfect Diary’s range of lipsticks retail for S$20.60 to S$24.96 on Shopee.

Apart from their lipsticks, Perfect Diary has had no shortage of innovative product ideas, with their animal-themed Explorer Eyeshadow Palette taking the Asian beauty world by storm.

The cat-themed Explorer Eyeshadow Palette in 09 is one example, featuring delightful feline-inspired names.

Cat lovers can appreciate shades such as ‘Cat Bell’ and ‘Rattan Ball’, named after a cat’s favourite toys, as well as ‘Paws’ and ‘Tail’ for their furry friend’s cutest features.

Slightly less adorable are the shades named after food that cats enjoy, including ‘Dried Fish’, a sparkly silver shade that bears a striking resemblance to fish scales.

So, if you think your feline companion’s dinner has an (extremely) underrated aesthetic appeal, Perfect Diary understands where you’re coming from.

Perfect Diary’s Explorer Eyeshadow Palettes retail for S$35.86 each on Shopee.


To be fair, many odd shade names from Asian brands are often products of poor translations to English.

At least, that’s our theory. How else could we explain C-beauty brand Judydoll’s shade name choices?

Their latest collection features two eyeshadow palettes. One is named ‘Worries Bean Gone’, an amusing pun related to the wildly popular “red bean” shades of makeup.

Photo credit: @judydoll_official/Instagram

However, the other is named ‘Happy Peach No Escape’, a choice that seems a bit too ominous for a palette of warm peachy tones.

Judydoll’s Hug Series Eyeshadow Palettes retail for S$22.51 each on YesStyle.

Urban Decay

The Western beauty world is also no stranger to questionable shade names.

Urban Decay, famous for their edgy approach to makeup, once released a brown eyeshadow. Its deep colour reminds us of hot chocolate, or perhaps varnished wood.

The shade name Urban Decay went with? ‘Roach’. Like the pest.

The brand also once produced a shimmery dark green eyeshadow stick, unappealingly named ‘Mildew’.

Fortunately or unfortunately, both ‘Roach’ and ‘Mildew’ have since been discontinued.

Too Faced

We’ve saved the best and strangest for last, a shade name that is just downright confusing!

Too Faced’s Melted Liquified Longwear Lipsticks once had names like ‘Melted Candy’ and ‘Melted Peony’, a reference to the melted lipsticks which served as the inspiration for this line.

However, apart from these suitably pleasant names, Too Faced also released a shade named ‘Melted Chihuahua’. Yes, you read that right.

‘Melted Chihuahua’ is a lovely dusky pink shade, and in our opinion, not at all reminiscent of chihuahuas. Hence, this shade name is a startling choice, probably alienating more than one horrified dog owner.

This particular shade has been discontinued, and the line now has updated shade names – perhaps for the better.

If you enjoyed this article, consider keeping an eye out for different shade names the next time you’re shopping for makeup, and you might just find some hidden gems!

Featured image credits: @lielnicole/TikTok