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We are all incredibly guilty of not taking enough care of our hair. While we make regular visits to a facial studio for facial treatments, how many of us conscientiously look out for our hair in the same way? If you’re planning to shower your crowning glory with more tender, loving care, here’s a list of hair treatments you can consider.

1. For hair thinning concerns

No thanks to our stressful lifestyles and poor diet, hair thinning is becoming a more common issue these days. One thing about hair thinning: it is significantly easier to resolve it when it’s still in its early stages. If you’re seeing an increased amount of hair loss, visit a trichologist, who is a professional who’s trained in diagnosing the causes of hair fall and prescribing the right combination of treatments to solve the problem at its roots.

tk trichokare

Try: TK Trichokare. The trichologist centre uses an evidence-based approach to trichology and believe in letting their client go through a thorough scalp analysis and consultation before treatments are prescribed. Treatments tap on the efficacies of European herbal products that are chosen based on each client’s condition.

2. Oily scalp

Oily scalp can mean follicles are more prone to clogging, which can eventually lead to problems like hair loss. Taking care of oily scalp is one good way to start hair loss prevention.


Try: Tansan Scalp Wash at Number 76. This is typically an add-on treatment service on top of regular hair services (like cut and blow). This uses carbon-dioxide-infused water to get rid of excess sebum, chemical residues and dirt from scalp. All impurities are drawn out so that scalp is clean and ready for other pampering treatments.

3. Dry scalp

Those who suffer from dry scalp typically feel irritation and itch, and may also find flakes from their scalp. These problems can be embarrassing and definitely uncomfortable. What you need is a scalp treatment that alleviates this problem.

Try: Scalp Therapy for Dry Scalp at Ecorganics. At this treatment, the client’s scalp pH level is rebalanced and a series of organic products that solve typical dry scalp problems is used. Hair is also conditioned and nourished so that it feels softer and smoother. Note that the scalp therapies at Ecorganics can be customised according to scalp conditions, which means that the salon also offers therapies for other scalp conditions.

4. Anti-frizz

Frizzy hair is a common problem and the humid weather and level of pollution in Singapore doesn’t help the condition at all. However, going for hair treatments that address this issue regularly can definitely make your hair more manageable.


Try: Kerathermie treatment at J’s Salon. The treatment begins with using nourishing products coupled with a head massage. Then, hair is blow dried and ironed, before a mask is applied.

5. To achieve shinier hair

Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. If you don’t have a prominent hair or scalp problem to target, go for hair treatments that can help your hair look healthier and shinier.

team salon

Try: Keratin Hair Treatment at Team Salon. Using 100% all-natural Keratin formulation, this treatment is free from harmful substances like paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride. This treatment helps your hair feel smoother and look shinier.