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Get ready for a blast from the past with Colorgram’s newest collection!

Made with sugar, spice, and everything nice, this Powerpuff Girls-themed collection is sure to bring back some major childhood nostalgia for those who grew up with these adorable little superheroes.

If this sounds good to you, read on to find out more about this new release!

Fruity Glass Tint

Colorgram’s viral Fruity Glass Tint has gotten the cutest revamp in this new collection!

There’s a new gloss for each of the three Powerpuff Girls, as well as one additional clear gloss.

Each lippie sports the same distinctive silhouettes as Colorgram’s previous Fruity Glass Tints, but for this collection, they’re decked out in images of the Powerpuff Girls.

The tube cap is also in their representative colours of pastel pink, blue, and green.

Pearl Gloss is a clear lip gloss that you can use as a topper over your main lip colour, and contains iridescent glitter for that extra shine! Blossom Pink is a wearable pinkish-red shade, perfect for warm tones.

Meanwhile, Bubbles Pink is a slightly deeper shade, for those who want a vibrant lip look that stands out from the crowd. Lastly, Buttercup Pink is a sweet strawberry pink for the perfect pouty lips.

The Fruity Glass Tints retail for S$16.44 each on Shopee.

Milk Bling Heartlighter

This iconic heart-shaped highlight now comes in the Powerpuff Girls’ signature colours, with matching packaging to top it off!

Spring Pink Blossom is a light pink highlight, while Bubbles Blue is a frosty blue shade, for those looking to spice up their usual highlight!

Buttercup Ivory is a pale champagne shade, a classic choice for the perfect highlight.

The Milk Bling Heartlighters retail for S$18.19 each on Shopee.

Milk Bling Glitter Liner

These versatile glitter liners can be used to emphasise your aegyo sal or as a mesmerising highlight for your eyeshadow to make your eye makeup pop!

Warm Pink Blossom is a sweet pink that’s suitable for springtime, while Sky Bubbles is a charming powder blue. Lastly, Buttercup Cream is a light cream colour with a hint of green.

The Milk Bling Glitter Liners retail for S$19.40 each on Shopee.

Pin Point Eyeshadow Palette

Blossom and Buttercup have each gotten an eyeshadow palette to match their aesthetic!

The packaging is adorned with a picture of the corresponding heroine on the minimalist clear case, so the colours of the eyeshadow are in perfect harmony with their respective character.

These palettes have twelve shades each, consisting of a mix of shimmers and mattes, as well as light pastel colours and dark neutral colours, so it’ll suit your needs no matter what look you’re going for.

Credits: @everythingishere.kh/Instagram

Blossom + Coral = Love is a palette full of warm shades like coral, peach, and even yellow. Buttercup + Brown = Love is an earthy, neutral palette, mixing classic brown shades with unique colours like forest green.

The Pin Point Eyeshadow Palettes retail for S$36.21 each on Shopee.

Sebum Retouching Blur Pact

Although Bubbles didn’t get her own eyeshadow palette, her likeness has been used for a compact powder that helps to control oil production and set your makeup, as well as blur your pores for a smooth finish!

Embossed with a cute image of Bubbles, this powder is a light lavender shade that will have a brightening effect on your complexion.

The Sebum Retouching Blur Pact retails for S$19.84 on Shopee.

Featured image credits: Colorgram/Olive Young.