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Craving that next-level lip look that screams “extra”? Prepare yourself for Dior’s Limited Edition Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Sequin.

This isn’t your average swipe-and-go – it’s a showstopper in a tube, ready to ignite your makeup routine with a dose of dazzling magic.

It has been causing a stir among beauty creators for its jaw-dropping glittery finish and vibrant colours. Want to know more? Well, keep reading because we’ve got all the details, including some user reviews!

Why Is This Lipstick Making Heads Turn?


Testing the viral @Dior beauty Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Sequin✨ I am in beauty heaven! So gorgeous! – Ad #DreaminDior #DiorHoliday #DiorBeautyLovers

♬ Originalton – Lara Rúnarsson

This limited edition of Rouge Dior Forever Liquid takes the beloved transfer-proof liquid formula to the next level with a glittery finish! And let’s be honest, who can resist its charm?

People are going wild over how this liquid lipstick transforms on your lips. Initially matte upon application, the ultra-pigmented colour comes to life when you press your lips together, leaving them adorned with sparkling pearlescent pigments and a radiant shine.

Described as having a thick, creamy, and highly pigmented formula, it promises smudge-proof, comfortable wear for up to 12 hours without needing touch-ups!

What Are People Saying About This Lipstick?

Reviews from beauty creators are pouring in, and the overall sentiment is positive!


dior beauty have released a glittery version of their rouge dior forever liquid transfer proof liquid lipstick 🤌🏻. this is the 999 sequin shade and it was £39 from the dior uk website ☺️. #rougediorforevertransferprooflipstick #diortransferproof #glitterylipstick #partyseasonmakeup #transferprooflipstick #highendbeauty #highendbeautyreview #diorbeauty #luxurybeauty #luxurymakeupreview

♬ original sound – olivia ancell

Olivia (@theoliviasaurusrex) loves the soft and bendy applicator, allowing for quick yet precise application. After a brief wait, pressing her lips together revealed a beautiful sparkle on top of the red, and she’s absolutely obsessed!

Plus, she’s hooked on the transfer-proof formula and plans to make it a staple in her routine.


Tried the viral Dior glittery lipstick the Rouge Dior Dior Forever Liquid Lipstick in sequin shade 833 Fascinating. It’s definitely gorgeous but my lips are super dry so will definitely habe to top this off with something a bit more hydrating. she’s so pretty, transfer proof, and so shiny. 💋✨ What do you think? Have you tried this yet? #dior#diormakeup#rougedior#rougediorforevertransferprooflipstick#dioraddict#minimalmakeup#redlips#redlipstick#redlipstickgirl#makeupreview#lipswatch#lipswatches#redlipforbrownskin#holidayseason#holidayredlipstickholidayred@@Dior


Riti (@skinnaddict) also appreciates the applicator’s design for easy and precise application, creating clean, crisp lines. The smooth and creamy formula dries down matte, and the glittery finish after pressing her lips together has her hooked.

However, she notes that the lipstick may emphasise lip wrinkles and cause a slight tightening sensation, leading her to layer a moisturising lipstick for added hydration.

The Shade Range

This limited edition range boasts four unique shades, each with its own blend of pearlescent pigments for that special glittery touch:

620 Seductive

An intense rosewood with pink, bluish, and white pearlescent pigments.


833 Fascinating

A velvety brown featuring golden and coppery pearlescent pigments.


993 Magical

A daring plum enriched with purple and bluish pearlescent pigments.



The iconic Dior red reinvented with cool-toned golden pearlescent pigments in a glittery version.


Where To Find This Lipstick?


The Dior Limited Edition Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Sequin retails for S$65 each at Dior Beauty’s Online Boutique.

We understand that the price may be a bit steep, especially if you’re eyeing multiple shades. Not to worry – we’ve got some alternative glittery liquid lipsticks to consider!

NYX Cosmetics Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick


This product offers transformative metallic-matte tones that switch to a stunning glitter finish, and it’s vegan-certified to boot!

NYX Cosmetics Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick retails for S$34.09 on Amazon.

Ciaté London Glitter Flip


Another option is the Ciaté London Glitter Flip, which pioneered the liquid-to-shimmer lipstick concept before Dior.

Although discontinued, it initially came in seven shades and gained popularity, with beauty influencers like Jeffree Star reviewing it on YouTube.

So, are you ready to add these sparkling gems to your makeup collection?

Featured image credits: @lararunarsson/TikTok, @skinnaddict/TikTok.

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