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You probably know by now that Fujifilm, a Japanese company which made its name in the 90’s and early 2000’s for producing high quality camera and film technology, has now branched out into beauty with the inception of its skincare branch, Astalift.

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 2 1

In turn, Astalift has since become a household name for channeling Fujifilm’s cutting-edge light-reflecting technology into creating brightening and whitening skincare at the forefront of its category.

This year, Fujifilm and Astalift is bringing beauty innovation to the next level – with makeup.

A makeup line inspired by… flamingos?

You might expect Astalift’s new makeup line to have a concept all about cameras, red carpet, and stage lights – but there, you’d be wrong. The concept behind the new Astalift flarosso line is so, so much more interesting than that.

flarosso is actually a portmanteau, or a word made up of two different words. ‘fla‘ heralds the aforementioned flamingos, and ‘rosso‘ means ‘red‘ in Italian.

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 1

Why red flamingos?

Astaxanthin is the signature whitening ingredient found in all Astalift skincare products, and which can also be found in flarosso makeup. It doesn’t just brighten your skin, it’s also a powerful antioxidant which prevents premature skin ageing.

But here’s what gets interesting.

Astaxanthin is also a red-coloured substance that is responsible for making flamingos look as pink as they do, so flarosso literally means ‘red flamingo’!

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 3

Flamingos are also very well-balanced animals – quite literally. To Astalift, they represent resilience amidst turbulence, and symbolise the refined, noble woman that can tide through obstacles in life while still keeping herself and her loved ones together.

Pst, we also love the flamingo designs on their makeup products. Aside from the obvious flamingo prints, we love how the compact powder products, like the eye shadows, highlighter, and blush, are embossed with flamingo tracks. These cute little footprints can also be seen on the lipstick cover!

Are you ready for flamingos?

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 4

All Astalift flarosso makeup products use Fujifilm proprietary nanotechnology which interlayers yellow, magenta, and cyan colours to create a makeup look with more oomph! on you.

They also use Edge Effect Technology, which is inspired by one of Fujifilm’s most famous photographic films, the Velvia. It does some magic with colours to increase the saturation of your makeup, without appearing overly harsh.


Trust us, we’ve swatched their coloured products and the pigment on them is intense.

Astalift flarosso products are available now at all Astalift retail stores.

Astalift flarosso Luci Highlighter

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 5

At first, you may be surprised that a highlighter is the star product of a collection, but it would seem only too natural after you remember that photography giant Fujifilm is behind this makeup line after all.

The Luci Highlighter is a pearly pink shade that you can apply over your cheekbones, your brow bones, or even over your Cupid’s bow to give your face added dimension and depth.

Astalift flarosso Luci Highlighter retails for SGD55.

Astalift flarosso Intenso Eyeshadow

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 6

Left: GR01 (top), BR01 (bottom); Center: VI01; Right: OR01 (top), PK01 (bottom)

These eye shadows not only come embossed with the flamingo feathers, but they are also incredibly pigmented and creamy to the touch. They are available in five combinations of complementary shades, ranging from blush pink, neutral brown, to cool lavender.

You might be surprised to learn that VI01, the violet/lavender combination, is actually the most popular one in Japan!

Astalift flarosso Intenso Eyeshadow retails for SGD65 each.

Astalift flarosso Tirabaci Lipstick

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 7

L to R: RD02, PK02, OR01, PK01, BE01

This creamy lipstick will deliver not only on the pigment, but also on the high-shine juicy finish that is so trendy these days. We love how the lipstick tube cover also comes with a magnetic closure as well!

Astalift flarosso Tirabaci Lipstick retails for SGD46 each

Astalift flarosso Kumanofude Brushes

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 8

The Astalift flarosso Kumanofude brushes are specially manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan, which has always been renowned for its high quality craftsmanship with brushes.

According to Astalift, more than 80% of professional cosmetic brushes are made here, but only those made by expert brush craftsmen are allowed to display the Kumanofude logo, so you know how good a quality you’re getting with these.

Astalift flarosso Kumanofude Blush Brush retails for SGD51, while Astalift flarosso Kumanofude Powder Brush retails for SGD77.

Astalift flarosso Luci Blush

Astalift Flarosso Makeup 9

L to R: PK02, PK01, OR01, CO01, BE01,

Going for a natural blusher look? Look no further than the Luci Blush, which provides a “soft yet airy” finish. The colour adds just a tough of glow to your complexion while still remaining translucent and subtle, allowing you greater control over how intense you want your look to be.

The blush comes in five different shades, so you have a much better variety to work with, no matter what your skin tone!

Astalift flarosso Luci Blush retails for SGD55.

You can find Astalift products in these store locations.