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Renowned for its timeless fragrances and iconic creations, Guerlain is partnering with ION Orchard and Nesuto to open its first pop-up café in Singapore from 1 November to 17 December 2023!

When it comes to shopping in comfort and style, this pop-up will feature an exquisite selection of Guerlain products, including L’Art & La Matière, Orchidée Impériale, the exclusive Holiday Makeup collection, and even a private lounge for guests to unwind.

Here are the key highlights you can’t miss.

Guest of Honour for the Guerlain Beelieve in Fantasy Christmas Pop-Up

On 3 November 2023, the inaugural grand opening of the Guerlain Beelieve in Fantasy Christmas Pop-Up will feature Mile Phakphum, Guerlain’s first Southeast Asian Friend of the House!


Photo credit: @milephakphum/Instagram

Mile will reveal the enchanting world of the L’Art et La Matière fragrance collection, featuring 22 fragrances that tell stories through their precious raw materials.

Mile’s favourites? The alluring Cherry Oud, a powerful and enigmatic woody scent, and the mystical Spiritueuse Double Vanille, a woody-ambery fragrance complemented by jasmine, ylang-ylang, benzoin, and cedar.

Guerlain Blends Art and Beauty in Its Timeless Legacy

This festive season, experience elegance as Guerlain collaborates with Turkish artist, Begüm Khan, known for her stunning luxury accessories that blend tradition and modern flair.


Photo credit: @begumkhan/Instagram

To celebrate this collaboration, Guerlain will host Begüm Khan in Singapore at the end of November.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable pieces in this collection:

The Bee Bottle


Photo credit: @begumkhan/Instagram

This one-litre Bee Bottle is adorned with a jewelled royal beetle symbolising good luck, handcrafted in Istanbul with 440 gems in 24-carat gold-plated bronze.

There are only 40 of these limited edition bottles worldwide, and one of them is in Singapore – so don’t miss your chance!

Imagine Guerlain 2023 Millésime


Photo credit: @begumkhan/Instagram

This piece features an elegant bee on a golden flower, crafted from gold-plated bronze with 37 sparkling gems.

L’Art & La Matière Jewelry Plates


L-R: The royal beetle, the tortoise for longevity, the frog for reincarnation and the tiger for strength.

This collection celebrates Guerlain’s imperial bee and the designer’s favourite animals, with each plate adorned with shimmering gems.

Rouge G Fantasy Bee – The Prestige Gift Set by Begüm Khan


Photo credit: @begumkhan/Instagram

This set is a delicate and festive creation with 280 gems carefully placed on each piece, made in Begüm Khan’s workshop in Turkey.

Inside, you’ll find a special jewelled box with three popular Rouge G lip shades:

  • 880 Ruby Red (a timeless, intense bluey-toned matte)
  • 03 Light Rosewood (a fresh and elegant satin finish)
  • 214 Brick Red Light Rosewood (a rich, satin finish)

Apart from these stunning pieces, let’s also explore some of the exclusive sets in this collection:

Discover Guerlain’s Beelieve in Fantasy Holiday Collection

The Hive of Wonders Advent Calendar


Photo credit: @guerlain/Instagram


Photo credit: @guerlain/Instagram

What better way to count down to the holiday season than with an advent calendar? The iconic beehive advent calendar shines in extraordinary glitter effect colours.

Open a door daily to reveal little treasures, but hurry – only 30 pieces are available in Singapore!

Guerlain’s Animal-Inspired Makeup Collection

Dive into the world of Guerlain’s animal-inspired makeup collection designed by Violette, the brand’s Makeup Creative Director.

The Rouge G, a classic lipstick, now comes in two exciting styles: one with tiger stripes and holographic shine, and another with a bold leopard print!


The Rouge G lipstick in N°41 Untamed Garnet. Photo credit: @guerlain/Instagram

Inside these special cases, you’ll find three new limited-edition shades:

  • N°234 Roaring Red (a bright, matte red)
  • N°521 Flamingo Pink (a soft pink with a velvet finish)
  • N°41 Untamed Garnet (a deep, daring cherry black with a satin touch)

For your eyes, there’s the limited edition 879 Glittery Tiger Ombres G quad. It’s all about intense and shimmering colours.


Photo credit: @guerlain/Instagram

To give your skin a beautiful glow, there’s the limited edition Météorites Fierce Glow, which comes in a case inspired by tortoise scales, in black and green. It’s perfect for brightening your complexion!


Photo credit: @guerlain/Instagram

Enjoy Delicious Desserts and Savoury Delights at Guerlain Café With Nesuto

But there’s more than just shopping; you can savour exclusive treats as well!

Guerlain is taking the fusion of gastronomy, elegance, beauty, and fragrance to new heights with its collaboration with Nesuto.


The Guerlain Café brings you exclusive delights that capture the essence of Guerlain’s timeless elegance. Savour the Aged Narcissus Tea Entremet, Apricot Walnut Entremet, Chocolate Entremet, Bonbons, and Peach Gâteau De Voyage.

The ambience is nothing short of opulent, a treat for both your palate and your senses!

So, why not celebrate the holiday season with a luxurious blend of festivity and elegance?


Guerlain’s Beelieve In Fantasy Christmas pop-up is now open! 🥳 Explore the stunning new holiday makeup collection and indulge in sweet treats at the Guerlain x Nesuto cafe 🍰 Tap on the link in bio for all the details! 📍 ION Orchard Level 1 Atrium 🗓 Now till 17 December 2023 #guerlain #guerlainbeauty #guerlainfragrances #guerlainpopup #popup #milephakphum #milephakphumromsaithong #beautypopup #wheretogosg #whattodosg

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Guerlain’s Beelieve In Fantasy Christmas pop-up
Where: ION Orchard Level 1 Atrium
When: 1 November to 17 December 2023

Featured image credits: @begumkhan/Instagram, @milephakphum/Instagram