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Hair bleaching or colouring can be a transformative and empowering experience, offering a fresh start and a newfound confidence.

Many of us have witnessed the mesmerising before-and-after transformations on social media platforms like TikTok, where individuals share their journeys of self-expression through hair colour.

However, not all these stories have a happy ending. In a viral TikTok video which has been shared nearly 115,000 times, one woman tearfully recounted her harrowing experience with at-home hair bleaching, detailing how her attempt at a DIY makeover took a disastrous turn.

In this cautionary tale of hair bleaching gone wrong, we delve into the deeds of her unfortunate mishap. Find out more below!

A cautionary tale of hair bleaching gone wrong


Ive never felt so ugly in my life, if anyone wants to send me a wig it would be appreciated #fyp #thestephseries #hair #sillysteph01 #bleaching #gonewrong #help

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TikToker Steph, known as @thestephseries, recently documented her hair bleaching mishap on TikTok, sharing the challenges she faced.

In the video’s caption, she expressed how she has never felt so unattractive in her life and even asked if anyone would be willing to send her a wig, as she was in need.

As she gently tugged at her hair, viewers could visibly see chunks of hair falling out, which is the reason for over-bleaching.

Similar to Steph, many people have encountered similar issues when attempting to bleach their hair at home. Bleaching your own hair can be a tricky endeavour, and it’s not uncommon to run into problems like hair breakage and damage.

In one part of her video, she showed herself in the shower, pulling out big clumps of hair and putting them on the wall. By the end of the video, her hair looked shorter and not as nice.

She said, “I used to be so happy about how long my hair was getting, and now, I don’t even know how it’s going to look. I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow.”


Replying to @lisaaaa14 this has been my WORST nightmare. #fyp #hairloss #thestephseries #sillysteph01 #help #bleaching #gonewrong #hairtransformation

♬ original sound – STEPH

In a follow-up video posted the day after her initial TikTok, @thestephseries showed how her hair looked just 24 hours before. She emphasised that this should serve as a clear indication to opt for professional hair bleaching services. Despite her extensive experience with home bleaching, she was baffled about what had gone wrong this time.

She explained that only difference from her previous hair bleaching experience is that she used a colour remover because her hair was considerably darker before.

However, as she applied the bleach and later rinsed it off, she started to realise that something was wrong, and she had a sinking feeling that “it was all going to come off.”


Please don’t be stupid like me 😙✌🏻 if u guys know any kind of methods to grow back hair quickly pls comment 😭❤️ #hairfail #fyp #xyzbca #hairtok #fy

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Another TikToker, @morveskim, also shared her own home hair bleaching experience, advising people not to make the same mistakes she did. She explained that this is the outcome when you attempt to bleach your hair all the way to the roots without any prior experience.

She further disclosed that she had a total of 34 emotional breakdowns during the process and visually demonstrated the extent of hair loss she experienced.

Should you attempt to bleach your hair at home?

hair bleaching gone wrong

Credit: Freepik

Unless you’re a professional stylist, it’s best to leave hair bleaching to the experts.

Hair colouring can be a successful DIY endeavour at home, but when it comes to hair bleaching, it’s a different story. Bleach can be quite harsh on your scalp and hair health. In terms of results, it’s incredibly challenging to predict how bleach will turn out, often leaving your hair somewhere between shades of orange and yellow.

That’s why salon professionals may advise bleaching your hair once, twice, or even more, depending on the darkness of your natural hair colour.

Additionally, if you have super-fine hair or are dealing with problems like frizz, dryness, and breakage, it’s best to entrust the bleaching process to a professional colourist. They have the expertise to select the most suitable products and strengtheners tailored to your hair’s specific needs.

If you’re looking to get your hair bleached, we’d advise you to explore some of the best salons known for their expertise in this area.

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