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It’s not only the makeup and fashion of K-idols that have captured the global stage; their hairstyles are also serving as a wellspring of inspiration to elevate our own looks!

This upcoming year promises an array of exciting trends, such as the popular “hime cut” as seen on Korean star Bae Suzy.

To gather insights into the upcoming Korean hair trends expected to make waves in 2024, we had conversations with key figures in the industry, including Lee Jung Min, the founder of Jung Beauty, Eugene and his team of directors at Chez Vous, and Lynn Chew, the hairstylist at Bada Hair Salon.

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Hime Cut

Korean Hair Trends 202

Credits: @skuukzky/Instagram

“Just as we expected the ‘hime cut’ hair trend to fade away by the end of 2023, it has surprisingly made a comeback and is set to be a dominant style in 2024,” claim the hair directors at Chez Vous.

“After (Bae) Suzy showcased a ‘hime’ haircut in the K-drama Doona!, this style has gained immense popularity,” Jung Min affirmed.


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For those unfamiliar, the “hime cut”, also known as the “Princess cut”, is characterised by blunt, straight side locks or a frontal fringe that sharply breaks away from the rest of the hair, often extending to cheek or even chin length.

“Looking ahead, the trend is evolving towards a more wearable thinner and slightly less blunt frontal fringe, departing from the chunkier chops reminiscent of the Jellyfish haircut, making the ‘hime cut’ more wearable in 2024,” commented Chez Vous’ hair directors insightfully.

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Straight and Sleek Liquid Hair

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram

“In the realm of K-beauty, K-hair has been synonymous with luscious curls and playful waves for a long time. However, in an unexpected turn, straight hair has made a strong comeback as a dominant trend in 2024, championed by the sensational girl group NewJeans,” noted the hair directors at Chez Vous.

“What sets this revival apart is not just any ordinary straightness but the emergence of liquid hair—a trend defined by a silky-smooth texture, unparalleled softness, and a glass-like finish, all without the wet look,” they added. “And you can achieve this look easily with Chez Vous‘s groundbreaking Liquid Hair Treatment!”

Chez Vous Hair Salon Liquid Hair Treatment is priced from S$255.

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram

“Given the trend of ‘back to black’ hair, a silky-smooth texture has once again become a key focus area. I recommend using Jung Beauty’s best-selling Hair Care Power Duo daily to maintain your hair’s shine!” Jung Min suggested. “These two products have earned an endorsement from Korean supermodel, Hye Park, who loves using them to manage her damaged hair!”

Jung Beauty Hair Care Power Duo is priced at S$89.

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Reverse Ombre

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits: @feat.dino/Instagram, @official_onewe/Instagram

“Numerous K-pop boy group members, including Dino from Seventeen, Giuk from ONEWE, and Younghoon from The Boyz, are embracing the striking ‘reverse ombre’ hair trend,” Chez Vous’s hair directors noted.

Unlike the classic ombre, where hair transitions from dark to light, reverse ombre features a gradient that goes from light to dark. In this unique style, the roots start with a lighter shade, gradually deepening towards the tips. The result is a visually striking and unconventional appearance that adds depth and dimension to the hair!


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“At Chez Vous: HideAway, we’re already seeing this trend gain popularity as more and more of our female customers express their interest in and request the distinctive ‘reverse ombre’ style.”

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Hush Cut

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits: @momo/Instagram, @todayis_wendy/Instagram

“When looking at the current trends among female Korean celebrities sporting short or shoulder-length hair, the ‘hush cut‘ has been seen on notable figures like Wendy from Red Velvet, as well as Nayeon and Momo from Twice,” Chez Vous’ hair directors said.

So, what exactly is a “hush cut”? Imagine it as a layered lob (long bob) or bob cut. Typically featuring airy bangs, curtain fringe, or face-framing layers, the “hush cut” keeps weight on top while adding texture to the mid-lengths and ends, creating a sense of movement in the hair.

“We anticipate the ‘hush cut’ to stay on trend in 2024 because of its highly wearable and subtle nature. In contrast to its bolder counterpart, the ‘wolf cut’, the ‘hush cut’ exudes controlled rebellion without going into excessive wildness, making it accessible to a wider audience,” they added.

“It’s also a refreshing departure from the standard bob or lob styles that have dominated the hair scene for the past decade!”

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Ribbons and Bows

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits: @jennierubyjane/Instagram, @for_everyoung10/Instagram

As we know, bows and ribbons have been a major trend throughout 2023, transitioning seamlessly from hair accessories to fashion and even makeup.

According to Jung Min, “mostly K-pop idols like NewJeans and Jennie started this trend in Korea. Previously, it was considered too cute, but now I often see these featured in everyday styling tips on Instagram. So, I believe this trend will continue to be popular for at least another year or two,” she noted.

So, ladies, no need to part with your bows and ribbon accessories just yet, as they’ll still be stylish and on-trend in 2024!

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Curtain Hair for Men

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits:@leedongwook_official/Instagram, @riize_official/Instagram

“‘Curtain hair’ has been a recurring trend, and its popularity is expected to keep growing in 2024, thanks to the influence of K-pop idols,” emphasised Lynn from Bada Hair Salon.

“It’s specifically designed for those with long, gently wavy hair, and achieving this look is a breeze with a hybrid gel-wax product like MILBON Molding Wax. This exceptional product not only provides a gentle hold but also ensures that your curtain hair looks effortlessly natural!”

Curtain hair is characterised by a centre part that creates a curtain-like effect, framing the face on both sides. The hair is typically longer on top with a gentle wave or natural flow, resembling parted curtains. The sides are kept at a medium length, resulting in a casual and relaxed overall look.

Lynn also suggests complementing your curtain hair with a down perm to achieve that coveted dandy K-pop idol look!

A down perm at Bada Hair Salon starts from S$50.

Korean Hair Trends 2024: Layers

Korean Hair Trends 2024

Credits: @ hyemhyemu/Instagram, @ nayeonyny/Instagram

The comeback of layered hairstyles isn’t just limited to traditional styling trends; it’s even making its mark on Korean Perms! Chez Vous’ hair directors pointed out, “This change is notably shaped by the return of the Y2K fashion trend, taking cues from the lively hairstyles of the 2000s, especially those popular in Japanese fashion.”

“Contrasting with the neatly styled, pageant-worthy curls of the past, Korean idols are now embracing a more modern preference for thinner, more layered ends in their hair!”

Featured image credits: @skuukzky/Instagram, @for_everyoung10/Instagram, @official_onewe/Instagram

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