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Chemical treatments such as colouring and perming are often seen as a nemesis to healthy-looking hair. We know that while these chemical treatments may help our hair look more Instagram-worthy, but in person, our tresses may end up look damaged, lifeless, and brittle, especially after multiple processes.

It’s a dilemma: How are we able to lead the style pack without compromising on our hair health? Well, there’s good news: the solution is out there.

This is why we’re excited about the latest chemical damage repair service in town – SALON PROGRAM by Shiseido Professional, which is created specifically to protect Asian hair from colouring, bleaching, hot perm, and cold perm damage. On top of hair protection, is also enhances the effects of the colour and perm you’ve gone through – how amazing is that?!

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Why do we call the SALON PROGRAM a holy grail?

Most hair treatments available in the market are great at bond strengthening, but they only target at one cause of chemical damage. The reason why we call this a holy grail is because its Intense Triplex Technology targets at three major causes of chemical damage.

1. Loss of hair strength

Our hair is made of keratin molecules, which contain cysteine. Chemical damage can reduce cysteine bonds, which causes hair to lose its strength.This is addressed through bond strengthening, a benefit that most treatments in the market offers. Intense Triplex is able to assist the function of these bonds, so that hair continue to look firm and voluminous.

2. Loss of hair resilience

Alpha helixes are shaped like springs.

A bit of scientific trivia: our hair structure is made up of alpha helixes, which are shaped like springs. This is why healthy hair looks supple and “bouncy” – because of these “springs”! Alpha helix is damaged during chemical processes and SALON PROGRAM’s Intense Triplex Technology is able to repair it, and this helps hair retain its resilience.

3. Damage to CMC

Hair cuticle is the first line of defence for hair structure, and it’s “glued” together by the cuticular cell membrane complex (or CMC). When CMC loses its original thickness as it breaks down and leaks because of chemical damage, it results in the uneven penetration of chemicals. Intense Triplex is able to repair damage to the CMC so that chemical penetration can be done evenly.

What this means is, besides keeping your hair cuticles healthy, SALON PROGRAM is also to help your new hair colour appear more vibrant and even, and your perms look bouncier!

How is the SALON PROGRAM treatment like?

This isn’t one of those hair treatments that you need to spend even more time to sit through after your hairstyling session. Every part of the SALON PROGRAM routine works hand-in-hand with the hair colouring or perming processes to make sure it helps to protect hair and enhance the result every step of the way.

For instance, in the case of their Hair Colour Program, the Scalp Protector, a spray, is applied onto scalp to alleviate the discomfort of hair colour processes.

There are Pre Lotion and Pre Gel that are used in their colour and perm programs that protect hair from the damage while supporting the vibrancy of colour and formation of sculpted waves respectively. The range also includes shampoo, after care essence, and treatment that are used during the hair rinsing session.

The most unique point about the SALON PROGRAM is that they don’t just cater to only supporting coloured hair, as most treatments in the market do, but also permed hair. The range of SALON PROGRAM services includes:
1. Hair Colour Program: This offers scalp protection, supports radiant colour and provides hair with a smooth, lustrous finish that lasts
2. Cold Perm Program: This helps to form well sculpted, resilient waves and curls
3. Hot Perm Program: This protects hair from heat damage and enhance suppleness after treatment

Now that you have absolute hair freedom…

Thanks to the SALON PROGRAM by Shiseido Professional, you have absolute freedom to go bold with your hairstyles. And if you’re ready to try a new hair colour, here are two latest trends to try.

1. Elegant Grege

If you’re looking for something chic yet sophisticated, grege colour may appeal to you. The new Grege Color from Shiseido Professional’s PRIMIENCE hair colour range is inspired by the makeup trends of spring/summer 2017, and is available in shades such as Ash Grege and Lilac Grege that are super hot this season.

2. Vibrant Cools

Vibrant Cools are a huge trend this season because of how its receding colour effect is able to make Asian facial features appear sharper.

However, it’s not always easy to pull of a vibrant cool colour because of our natural Asian hair tone. Thankfully, PRIMIENCE Vibrant Cools range is able to control the strong red undertone in Asian black hair so that your stylist is able to achieve a richer shade on your hair.

There are several hues included in this range: Extra Green, Extra Blue, and Extra Blue Violet, all of which will help make your features and skin tone look even more outstanding.

PRIMIENCE range of hair colours are developed for Asian hair based on concepts that are inspired by skincare and cosmetics trends. The products are rich in moisture, thanks to the inclusion of S-Hyaluronic Acid, an exclusive agent that is developed by Shiseido Professional.

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