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For some of us, TikTok’s addition of a shopping feature has killed our wallets, especially given the low prices.

Nicole Liel (@lielnicole), our local TikTok star, had the same thought when she saw an advertisement for a purple setting balm and purchased it right away because it’s just “too easy” to cart out.

The purple setting balm in question is the CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder, a “magical powder” that claims to blur all your pores despite not being a powder. Want to know how it works? Continue reading!

Nicole’s first impression of CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder


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According to Nicole, CHILLAB’s Lavender Matte Powder has a “very weird” texture that feels like a balm in the compact but transforms into a smooth film-like finish on her fingers.

To see how well the setting balm controlled shine and oiliness, Nicole applied Tiger Balm to her cheeks to mimic shine and greasiness. Then, she pats the setting balm on with the cushion puff it came with directly onto the oily spot.

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder

Credits: @lielnicole/TikTok

To her surprise, it instantly removed all of the grease, leaving only a matte powdery finish. She even tried the same method on her brow and nose and was completely convinced of its ability to control oil.

With that, Nicole concluded that the CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder is a “TikTok shop win” that she will be repurchasing once it has finished.

How CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder works

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder

Credits: @lielnicole/TikTok, @queenlexinda/TikTok

Rather than talc, which is commonly found in setting powders, CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder contains microsphere silica, a transparent gel-like material that is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

When the powder is applied, the microsphere silica helps to smooth out the irregularities on your skin.

This ingredient also reduces the visibility of your pores and other skin imperfections by disrupting light reflection, scattering it in multiple directions.

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder

Credits: @chillab.singapore/TikTok

This gives you a soft-focus, mattifying finish that leaves your skin looking velvety smooth with zero shine as you can see from the pictures above.

We also love how you can use CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder as a primer to create a smooth canvas for makeup!

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder ingredients

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder

Because CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder is made with microsphere silica rather than talc, it is suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

It also contains centella asiatica, opuntia ficus-indica stem extract, lavender extract, and squalane, which help to cleanse clogged pores, keep skin soft, and balance the oil-hydration ratio.

Furthermore, because it does not have alcohol or hydroquinone (a skin-bleaching agent), it’s suitable for all skin types.

However, as with any beauty product, we recommend performing a patch test before applying it to your face, especially if you have extremely sensitive skin!

Where to find CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder

As it can be used even without makeup to get rid of face grease, this purple balm is perfect for anyone, both men and women alike!

CHILLAB Lavender Matte Powder retails for S$29.90 at CHILLAB online, and Lazada.

Featured image credits: @lielnicole/TikTok, @queenlexinda/TikTok