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If you like the scents of baby powder, soft cotton, and milk, you’re in luck because Korean brand Milk Baobab® has a range of soft fragrance products packaged in the cutest milk carton-shaped packaging.

Popularised by BTS’s Jungkook, who is known to be picky about the scents he wears, Milk Baobab® products deliver in the scent department, with their signature perfume-like fragrances lasting up to eight hours.

Let’s check out the adorable products!

Scented beauty products housed in milk carton-shaped packaging

Milk Baobab®

Credits: Milk Baobab®

Milk Baobab®’s products are not only certified safe and effective by international derma-testing agencies, but they also use the fewest natural ingredients of the highest quality.

One of these ingredients is milk protein extract, which is obtained from cows in New Zealand grasslands to help tighten and elasticise your skin with its various vitamins, minerals, and collagens. It’s found in all Milk Baobab® products to keep your skin vibrant and balanced.

Their products also contain Senegal baobab seeds from baobab trees, which are known as the “natural moisture tank” because they can store 120,000 litres of water.

Like their parent, the baobab seeds promote exceptional moisture retention, resulting in the most beautiful glow and improved skin resilience you’ll get from all Milk Baobab® products.

Milk Baobab® signature fragrances

Milk Baobab®

Credits: @milkbaobab_official/Instagram

Known for their long-lasting fragrances, Milk Baobab® products come in four signature fragrances:

  • White Musk: This smooth, glamorous scent is lightly scented with bergamot and will remind you of your first love.
  • Baby Powder: This sweet and friendly fragrance contains fruity floral notes that will have you reminiscing about your warm childhood.
  • White Soap: A floral fragrance with notes of sandalwood and musk that is warm and relaxing.
  • Damask Rose: This rich, romantic rose-musk fragrance is sure to turn heads.

Milk Baobab® haircare products

Milk Baobab®

Credits: Milk Baobab®

This haircare range helps soothe your scalp and nourish your tresses. Not just that, your hair will smell absolutely divine for up to eight hours with their signature scents.

Milk Baobab® Shampoo retails from S$42.93 to S$44.98 and is available on Shopee.

Milk Baobab® Treatment retails from S$39.45 to S$41.30 and is available on Shopee.

Milk Baobab® bodycare

Milk Baobab®

Credits: Milk Baobab®

This range replenishes your skin’s natural moisture with its unique, nourishing formula, leaving it smooth, strong, and naturally healthy.

It’s also the best way to unwind after a long day at work, as you’ll get to indulge your senses with Milk Baobab® bodycare’s amazing fragrances in the shower.

Milk Baobab® Body Wash retails from S$44.98 to S$46.87 and is available on Shopee.

Milk Baobab® Body Lotion retails from S$30.34 to S$32.14 and is available on Shopee.

Milk Baobab® Baby&Kids care

Milk Baobab®

Credits: @milkbaobab_official/Instagram

When we say that Milk Baobab® is safe for your entire family to use, we mean it! From newborns to kids, they’ve got you covered.

Milk Baobab® New Born Baby Care contains only the gentlest and most essential ingredients, making it exceptionally gentle and safe for newborn babies’ delicate skin.

As for babies with sensitive skin, each product in the Milk Baobab® Baby care range is made with the gentlest natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to be safe.

Similarly, Milk Baobab® Baby&Kids care products contain safe, gentle ingredients and take into account children’s active outdoor lives by using the mildest cleansing ingredients and formula, making them an excellent choice for babies and children.

Milk Baobab® Baby&Kids care retails from S$17.82 to S$45.08 and is available on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @jm95__jk97/TikTok, @milkbaobab_official/Instagram.