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K-beauty’s siren song called out to you, didn’t it? Olive Young, the holy grail of Seoul’s beauty scene, is here to answer. And guess what? You don’t need a plane ticket, because the retailer is online too.

But let’s be real, buying every trendy product you see can be a bit rough on the wallet.

To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the hottest makeup products at Olive Young in 2023 – covering eyes, lips, base makeup, and more!

Keep reading, scrolling, and make sure to toss these into your virtual cart!

About Olive Young


Photo credit: Dojeon Media.

Olive Young is a must-visit spot in Korea, known for being a global lifestyle platform and a curator of healthy beauty since it opened the first Korean health and beauty store in 1999.

As the trendsetter in the market, Olive Young continues to bring beauty and health benefits to more people each year through its 1,200 stores in Korea and global delivery system to 150 countries.

Eye Makeup

Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara


Among the top-selling products, this mascara contains a wax component that adheres seamlessly to your lashes. It not only neatly curls your eyelashes, but also prevents clumping and greasiness.

With a potent curl-fixing effect and a waterproof formula, it ensures long-lasting and naturally curled lashes from the roots. The long curling brush is uniquely crafted with a slim, curved design that perfectly aligns with the contours of your eyes, resulting in long and well-defined curls.

Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara retails for S$20.93 at Watsons online, and S$19.93 on YesStyle.

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner


If you’re on the lookout for a waterproof mascara, this one takes the top spot! Boasting a brand-new super waterproof formula with Super-Keep Polymer, it shields your lash lines from tears, perspiration, water, and oils, ensuring a stunning and long-lasting definition.

Featuring an ultra-fine 0.1 mm-wide brush tip, you get smooth, precise lines and flicks. Plus, its formula is loaded with beauty essence ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, rosehip extract (wild rose fruit extract), and panthenol.

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner retails for S$19.50 at Watsons online.

Clio Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil


As the top-selling brow product, this brow pencil makes it a breeze for beginners to achieve eyebrow precision, just like the pros! The pencil features a 3D hexagonal, dagger-like tip that effortlessly crafts brow lines and fills with ease.

Thanks to its optimal hard-type formula, you can confidently draw eyebrows without worrying about clumping. The pencil comes in seven shades:

  • Natural Brown: Perfect for natural and toned-down brown hair.
  • Light Brown: Ideal for those with light and bright brown hair.
  • Peanut Brown: Tailored for bleached and washed-out hair.
  • Reddish Brown: Suited for individuals with red and orange-toned hair.
  • Gray Brown: Designed for black or dark hair.
  • Light Taupe: Best for dark hair with an ash tone.
  • Charcoal Gray: Specifically for cool-toned dark or black hair.

Clio Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil retails for S$20.95 at Olive Young online, and S$20.93 at Watsons online.

Eyeshadow Palettes

Wakemake Soft Blurring Eye Palette (#02 Lively Blurring)


Snagging the top spot on the list is the Wakemake Soft Blurring Eye Palette in #02 Lively Blurring! This palette boasts a lively mix of rose contour shades, perfect for those with muted summer and clear winter skin tones.

This 16-pan palette boasts a variety of buildable formulas and textures – matte, shimmer, and glitter – enabling you to create a wide range of looks for your everyday style.

Complete your entire eye makeup using just this palette, including the base colour, accent shade, shimmer, and even eyeliner colour!

Wakemake Soft Blurring Eye Palette (#02 Lively Blurring) retails for S$42.84 at Olive Young online, and $33.79 on Shopee.

Dasique Shadow Palette (#07 Milk Latte)


Moving down the lineup, we’ve got the Dasique Shadow Palette in Milk Latte – a daily cream beige palette that features a delightful milk latte shade and sparkling glitters!

This palette offers nine different shades and formulas that are easy to wear. The pigment glides smoothly onto the skin, allowing for buildable intensity.

The shimmer pearls in this palette are crafted with fine glitters to give you a pretty glow, and they come in different sizes for a captivating multidimensional effect.

Dasique Shadow Palette (#07 Milk Latte) retails for S$39.25 at Guardian online.

Rom&nd Better Than Palette Secret Garden (#06 Peony Nude Garden)


Here’s another must-have for those soft, everyday neutrals! The Better Than Palette by Rom&nd offers a delightful array of garden-themed eyeshadow palettes, complete with carefully selected matte and shimmer shades for layering.

The #06 Peony Nude Garden palette, with its cool-toned charm, takes inspiration from the fresh pinks and pastels of a blossoming peony in spring.

This palette features a blend of glitter textures and velvety matte shades, allowing you to create a multi-dimensional and captivating look effortlessly.

Rom&nd Better Than Palette Secret Garden (#06 Peony Nude Garden) retails for S$41.53 at Olive Young online, and S$32.65 on iHerb.

Lip Makeup

Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint (#25 Bare Grape)


You’ve likely seen beauty creators hype up this lip tint shade all over social media, and it’s snagged the top spot on the list!

The Juicy Lasting Tint gives you a glossy, long-lasting look without feeling heavy or sticky. The formula is non-drying and includes moisturising ingredients like coconut, kiwi, and papaya to keep your lips from getting chapped.

The shade, #25 Bare Grape, is a cool, nude pink with a hint of beige that’ll give your pout a colourful pop!

Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint (#25 Bare Grape) retails for S$14.96 at Olive Young online, and S$11.77 on Shopee.

Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Tint (#03 Rose In Mind)


Check out this trendy lip product from the Peripera Mood Lip series on TikTok! It’s a lightweight glossy tint that gives your lips a perfect glass-like finish.

Plus, it keeps your lips moisturised for hours without any patchiness. The formula, infused with lily and witch hazel extract, ensures a pure gloss and hydrated lips over time. The texture is watery and non-sticky, leaving your lips with a beautifully glossy finish and vibrant colour.

Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Tint (#03 Rose In Mind) retails for S$10.15 on YesStyle, and S$13.57 on iHerb.

Muzigae Mansion Object Liquid (#003 Stranger)


Another top-seller, this gorgeous shade mirrors the deep charm of a marsala rose for a refined and elegant look.

The smoothing gel shapes the lips with subtle highlights, giving a soft flush and a lightweight feel like a modern velvet tint. It boasts an exclusive blend of components, featuring backhousia citriodora, thyme extract, and rosa canina fruit oil.

Plus, it carries a signature floral fragrance!

Muzigae Mansion Object Liquid (#003 Stranger) retails for S$32.64 at Olive Young online.

Lip Balm

Bioderma Atoderm Stick Levres Moisturising and Soothing Lip Balm


Snagging the top spot on the lineup is the Bioderma Atoderm Stick Levres Moisturising and Soothing Lip Balm!

Ideal for dry, chapped, and sensitive lips, this balm prevents cracking with its nourishing formula. Packed with shea butter and vitamin E, it soothes and restores suppleness to dehydrated skin.

Bioderma Atoderm Stick Levres Moisturising and Soothing Lip Balm retails for S$8.18 on Shopee.

Uriage Lip Balm (Stick Levres)


If you’re dealing with dry, cracked lips, check out the Uriage Lip Balm (Stick Levres)! This reparative and rejuvenating stick is designed to nourish, calm, and shield the lips from daily stressors.

Enriched with shea butter, the formula provides deep nourishment for parched lips, forming a protective barrier against external aggressors. The formula also features vitamin C, vitamin E, and borage oil to repair and strengthen damaged lips.

When applied, this ointment feels rich and creamy, leaving your lips thoroughly hydrated!

Uriage Lip Balm (Stick Levres) retails for S$19.59 at Olive Young online, and S$12.44 on iHerb.

Ynm Rainbow Honey Lip Balm


Want to add some colour to your lips without using lip tint or lipstick? Try this tinted lip balm! This colour-changing formula reacts to your body’s temperature and moisture, creating different shades of pink that match your skin tone.

Enriched with squalane, honey, and glycerin, this lip balm not only adds colour, but also softens your lips, plumps them up, and reduces fine lines. And can we talk about the rainbow-coloured case? Super cute, right?

Ynm Rainbow Honey Lip Balm retails for S$12.50 on YesStyle, and S$12.86 on Shopee.

Base Makeup

Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder


If you love a matte finish for your base, check out Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder! It gives a light, velvety feel, ensuring your foundation stays put all day.

The translucent shade works for all skin tones, providing a silky, skin-perfecting touch with minerals that promote a youthful look.

As the last step in your makeup routine, this pressed powder blurs imperfections, smoothens the skin, and controls shine for a fresh finish.

Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder retails for S$39.44 at Olive Young online, and $28.72 on Banila Co.

Too Cool for School, Artclass by Rodin Shading (#01 Classic)


If you’re a self-proclaimed K-beauty enthusiast, you’ve probably caught on to the trend of opting for a softer contour rather than the bold, sculpted style. Check out The Artclass by Rodin Shading – it’s Korea’s go-to contouring product for those well-defined, slimmed facial contours!

This versatile palette works for the whole face, as well as for specific features like the nose and brows. Mix the three shades or use them separately to complete your look effortlessly.

Too Cool for School, Artclass by Rodin Shading (#01 Classic) retails for S$28.56 at Olive Young online, and S$35.93 on iHerb.

Cosnori Whitening Dress Cream


Another hit in the world of K-beauty? The tone-up cream! The Cosnori Whitening Dress Cream, with niacinamide and botanical ingredients like aloe and cherry blossom water, works to blur pores, even out skin tone, and reduce fine lines, leaving a radiant finish that lasts all day!

Use it on your face or body to fade hyperpigmentation or as a makeup base for a natural, flawless look. The formula contains plant extracts like aloe vera for sensitive skin and essential oils for moisture, giving your skin a radiant, “no makeup” look.

Cosnori Whitening Dress Cream retails for S$36.72 at Olive Young online, and S$25.94 on Shopee.


Clio Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion


At the top of the list is the CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion! With its upgraded formula, it’s creamy yet light, providing adjustable full coverage. The reduced powder makes it thinner, closely hugging the skin for a natural feel.

The cushion, equipped with a specially designed powder puff, flawlessly covers the eyes and nose. Offering SPF 50+, wrinkle improvement, and a brightening effect, it leaves a soft, matte yet dewy finish for a healthy glow that lasts up to 72 hours. Choose from six shades!

Clio Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion retails for S$51.68 at Olive Young online, and S$37.03 at Watsons online.

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte


For a matte finish, try the Laneige Neo Cushion Matte—it gives full coverage with a lightweight formula! It delivers a flawless complexion that lasts for 24 hours in just one application, leaving your skin with a matte satin finish.

With seven shades to choose from, this foundation cushion is humidity and transfer-proof. It’s super light, preventing dryness and stiffness while allowing your skin to breathe.

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte retails for S$48.96 at Olive Young online, and S$71 at Laneige’s Online Boutique.

fwee Cushion Glass


Unveiling another crowd-favourite, this radiant glow cushion is infused with hot spring water and skincare goodness to keep your skin moisturised for that effortlessly glowing look!

This cushion foundation not only offers lightweight and flawless coverage, but also provides SPF 50+ PA+++ sun protection and skincare benefits. Infused with hyaluronic acid, ceramide NP, and plant extracts, it hydrates your skin, leaving a naturally glossy finish.

Available in five shades for your perfect match!

fwee Cushion Glass retails for S$43.52 at Olive Young online, and S$39.33 on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @blueningluv/TikTok, @imseah_/TikTok, @vutiennnn/TikTok.