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While many of us are familiar with oil blotting papers and the renowned Korean multibalm, the latest beauty trend to capture our attention is the cushion blotting paper.

But what exactly is it? Is it a powder, or is it a cushion?

Well, we stumbled upon a TikTok by @taxinoodle, who tested a unique product known as the Glacial Biome Water No-Sebum Cushion.

Developed by the Korean brand Parnell, this exciting product takes the concept of blotting paper to the next level, offering a fresh approach to managing oily skin!

What Does This Cushion Blotting Paper Do?

The Glacial Biome Water No-Sebum Cushion is unlike your regular blotting paper. It’s a liquid in a compact form, designed to handle excess oil and keep your skin smooth and matte. It might sound somewhat like a powder, but it’s far more versatile.


The compact is infused with glacial water, marine collagen, and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin and balance skin’s oil-water levels. The liquid-type formula leaves a powdery finish that blurs enlarged pores and removes unwanted shine!

When you open it, you’ll find a sponge applicator, just like a regular cushion.


But the surprise is that it’s a liquid! When you dip the sponge into it, you’ll notice it has some colour.


Does the Glacial Biome Water No-Sebum Cushion Work?

Applying the cushion feels cool and instantly reduces shine, especially in those troublesome areas. But it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not as mattifying as a powder. As she pointed out, some sheen remains in the areas where the cushion is applied.


In her side-by-side comparison, one side is definitely shiny, while the side with the cushion blotting paper has a nice, subtle glow. And when you touch it, it feels like you’ve lightly dusted powder on your skin!


Comparing the shine on the unblotted side (left) to the blotted side using the cushion (right).

So, what’s the verdict? She gives it a thumbs-up! This product does a great job of reducing shine in oily areas. It’s a fantastic alternative to traditional powder. Plus, it’s portable, cute, and way less messy than carrying around loose powder!

Where to Find the Glacial Biome Water No-Sebum Cushion?


The Glacial Biome Water No-Sebum Cushion retails for S$36.59 on Shopee, and S$36 at Parnell’s official website. Discounts are available at the time of writing. Tap into the links to see latest prices.

So, the next time you’re dealing with unwanted shine, why not give this innovative product a try?

Featured image credit: @taxinoodle/TikTok.