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Korean beauty brands are well-known for their innovative skincare products and trendsetting makeup. However, historically, they have not offered a wide range of shades for their cushion foundations.

This is because many Korean beauty standards have traditionally prioritised fair and porcelain-like complexions, which has resulted in limited options for those with deeper skin tones.

Nevertheless, there is one exceptional beauty brand that has defied this norm by providing an incredibly inclusive range of shades.

Discover which brand it is and the number of shades they currently offer below!

TirTir Cushion Foundations

TirTir, a popular K-beauty brand, has made a daring move by becoming one of the most diverse cushion foundation lines out there.

Source: Point Click Vibes/Instagram

In the past, it was difficult to find a K-beauty cushion foundation that matched your skin tone due to the limited shade options available from brands like TirTir.

But now, TirTir’s Mask Fit Red Cushion Foundation now offers an impressive 30 shades, catering to a diverse range of skin tones and setting a new standard for inclusivity in the beauty industry.


Finally, 30 SHADES! But which shade is for me? Fear not, we’re here with swatches. Watch how the 30 different shades blossom onto the skin!☺️ #tirtir #tirtircushion #tirtirbeauty #maskfitredcushion #cushionfoundation #redcushion

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The brand’s latest TikTok post reveals their upcoming plans to launch a wider range of shades soon, showing their dedication to serving a more diverse range of skin tones. This step not only promotes inclusivity but also mirrors the changing beauty standards in the industry.

If you’ve been struggling to get a cushion foundation that matches to your skin tone, you can now check TirTir cushion foundation now.

Netizens Share Their Thoughts on TirTir’s Cushion Foundation Range

Netizens are buzzing about TirTir’s Cushion Foundation Range and sharing their thoughts on social media. This announcement has been trending on TikTok, with users applauding TirTir for its inclusivity and for setting a new standard in the K-beauty industry.

One popular influencer, @golloria, took to TikTok (check out the video below!) to express her excitement about TirTir’s expanded shade range. She was thrilled to see that the brand now offers one of the darkest cushion foundation ranges available.

After receiving much critique from netizens, the brand finally decided to create a wide range of shades that complement even the darkest skin tones.

@golloria also raved about the lightweight formula of TirTir’s cushion foundation and assured her followers that it feels absolutely amazing on the skin.

Even though it was a paid partnership, it’s clear that TirTir is making genuine efforts towards inclusivity, and that’s something we can all appreciate and support!


That is a SHADE range!👀 @TIRTIR long lasting cushion foundation is for the dark skin girls! The perfect match, & the perfect lightweight formula to wear all summer!☀️💋 #TirTirpartner

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@beatfacebray, another influencer shared her opinions on TirTir’s cushion foundation’s deepest shade on TikTok. She highlighted the brand’s efforts to expand their shade range in response to consumer feedback and commended their customer-centric approach.

She also pointed out that Korean beauty brands often cater to fair skin tones due to the general fair complexion of Koreans, making TirTir’s inclusivity initiative stand out.


This is the deepest shade of the @TIRTIR cushion foundation 🫣 #tirtir #cushionfoundation #makeup #foryou #beautyinfluencer #trans #browngirlmakeup #makeupreview #makeupartist #koreanmakeup

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In addition to loving the packaging, she appreciated the feel of the foundation. Despite finding the shade she selected a bit too light, she hinted that it might be due to the common belief that associates fairness with beauty.

With TirTir broadening its selection and preparing to launch darker shades, we trust she will discover one that enhances her lovely skin tone.

If you’ve been struggling to get a cushion foundation that matches your skin tone, you can now check out TirTir cushion foundation.

What Is So Great About TirTir Cushion Foundation?


Teying the new updated viral Korean cushion foundation! They just dropped 30 shades including new darker shades @TIRTIR 👏 #koreanmakeup #kbeauty #foundation #tirtir #cushionfoundation

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If you’re wondering why TirTir’s cushion foundation is getting much hype on social media, it was designed to last up to 72 hours under normal conditions and for 42 hours when worn under a face mask.

Not only that, it’s also resistant to transfer and is smudge-proof, making it the ultimate choice for those who love makeup that lasts all day.

Source: TirTir Global/ Instagram

The foundation is enriched with three red elements – hibiscus flower, red propolis, and astaxanthin. These ingredients work harmoniously to preserve the vitality and radiance of your skin.

It has a velvety texture that makes application easy, ensuring a seamless finish without any cakey finish.

As an added bonus, it also offers SPF 40++ coverage, which is crucial for protecting your skin from the burning rays.

While most of the shades aren’t currently available in Singapore, you can still get a selected range of shades from Amazon for S$37.44.