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Ever wondered what makes one person more attractive than the other? Science could explain it. How easy on the eyes a face shape is depends on how much it conforms to the “golden ratio”. This is an ancient concept that believes that a face with proportions that conform to a particular set of mathematical formula will look more attractive than one that doesn’t.

To understand the golden ratio better, we asked Dr. Chu Jiawan, aesthetics doctor at Gangnam Laser Clinic, for her expertise. Gangnam Laser Clinic, which has a panel of doctors that are trained in the Korean approach to beauty, is one of the leading clinics in Singapore that specialises in laser facials and face shape re-contouring.


Dr. Chu Jiawan

Dr. Chu gives some examples of what the “golden ratio” says of an ideal face, “According to the concept, the vertical length from hairline to eyebrow, eyebrow to end of nose tip, nose tip to chin should be of equal proportion.”

This is also why V-shaped faced is generally considered beautiful. “Contoured jawline and chin gives a more balanced look to the face and conforms better to the golden ratio,” Dr. Chu says.

How do we alter our face shape to make it conform better to the golden ratio?

v-shaped face

Surgeries that help achieve the desirable V-shaped face are popular in Korea. But Dr. Chu shared that in more recent times, minimally-invasive aesthetics procedures that don’t require the patient to go under the knife is gaining popularity because they come with zero down time, are more affordable and involve less risk.

“The Koreans have the highest density of aesthetics clinics, so it’s convenient, safe, and affordable to them. In fact, 20% of women aged 19 to 29 in Seoul have gone for procedures to enhance their beauty and build confidence.

Thankfully, there are also minimally-invasive procedures that we can opt for in Singapore. Dr. Chu recommends a combination of Botox and fillers to achieve the look of a V-shaped face. You might be surprised that these two procedures have the ability to do so, given that they’re usually associated with the elimination of the appearance of wrinkles.

“Botox helps relax the masseter muscles (the muscles along the jaw that help you chew) and thus eliminating the bulge, slimming the face. But to be able to achieve the desired shape and contour to greater precision, I also recommend fillers to help lengthen the chin. Combining botox and fillers yield better results, compared to going for a single treatment,” Dr. Chu advises. The combination of these two procedures for face contouring is known as the V-Face Shaping Treatment in Gangnam Laser Clinic and is one treatments the clinic is well-known for.


This procedure, compared to traditional surgeries that require the patient to go under the knife, has virtually no down time and less risks. It is also reversible and less invasive, since only needles are involved.

Of course, unlike a surgical procedure, Botox and fillers are not permanent. “Usually patients will have to come back for the procedures approximately half yearly to yearly. However, after a few procedures the muscle bulk of the masseter would have shrunk considerably, so some patients don’t need full doses and can wait longer for repeat treatments.”

Dr. Chu Jiawan is from Gangnam Laser Clinic, which is located at #03-55, Harbourfront Centre (Tel: 6275-3381) and #03-04, One Raffles Place (Tel: 6536 8393). Find out more about Gangnam Laser Clinic here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Sculpt your face into the golden ratio

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