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Things don’t “simply happen”. For instance, to understand why you’re suffering from thinning hair or excessive hair fall, you need to get to the root of it (pun unintended) – learn and understand hair’s growth cycle.

The hair growth cycle

There are three stages in the hair growth cycle: anagen (active), catagen (transitional) and telogen (resting).

hair growth cycle

Anagen: 85-90% of hair are at this phase, where hair cells are multiplying quickly and new hair is formed, pushing the hair up and out from the follicles. Hair grow approximately 1.5 cm every month, and for the hair on your scalp, it remains in this stage for two to six years, depending on the individual. If you notice that your hair doesn’t grow beyond a certain length, it’s likely because your hair has a short anagen phase. To help you understand this better: Note how hair on your arms, eyelashes and eyebrows is shorter than your tresses – it’s because they have a shorter anagen phase.

Catagen: For a normal person, approximately 1% of all hairs are in this stage, which lasts for two to three weeks. At this stage, growth stops and “club hair”, which has a shrunken outer root, is formed.

Telogen:Telogen is also known as the “resting” stage, and an estimated 9-14% of hair is in this category. This stage lasts for 100 days for the scalp, and is longer for body hair. Hair at this stage sheds gradually before it goes into anagen stage again, where hair grows quickly.

Hair problems such as hair thinning and hair loss occur when your hair’s growth cycle is disrupted; if your hair growth doesn’t stay in the anagen stage for long enough, or if all your hair gets into the telogen stage at the same time, hair issues arise.

How to resolve hair loss problem


Now that you understand how hair functions, you’ll also have to understand that there are multiple causes that can disrupt your hair’s growth cycle. The best way to resolve a persistent hair loss issue is to speak to a trichologist, so that he/she can do a consultation and diagnosis for you, in order to recommend you the best treatment.

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