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Most women who have gone through or researched about cosmetic procedures would know about the V-line surgery. It is a surgical procedure that reshapes the face line into a V-shape by removing some of the bone from the jawline and chin. It makes the face look significantly smaller and also makes the eyes appear bigger; its effect on the face and eyes makes it almost as if it were two procedures combined into one.

V Line Surgery Mini V Line Surgery 2

V-line surgeries are ideal for those with a square jaw and a chin that’s too long or too short.

V Line

For those patients who already have a desired jawline but not the ideal chin shape or length, this is where the Mini V-line Surgery comes in. While the V-line surgery is a jawline reduction procedure combined with a chin reduction, the Mini V-line surgery is just a chin reduction. While it may look like a more minor procedure, a proper procedure plan must still be considered for the most satisfactory results because there are muscle and fat tissues involved in this surgery.

There are a couple of ways the Mini V-line surgery is done.

Mini V Line

One is a T Osteotomy, a method most plastic surgeons use. The T Osteotomy is limited to those with less muscle in the chin, this is because patients who have too much muscle or skin at the area will get a bulky look if this method is done on them.

The other is the inverted V Osteotomy, a slightly more advanced version of the procedure that is only done by experienced surgeons. Both procedures have similar recovery times and both require pins to hold the bones in the chin together and can be removed after a year.

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It is important to note that there are many cases of revision surgery for V-line surgeries because of surgeons who completed the procedure with the wrong type of osteotomy. The operation of the jaw is especially important because of the risk of damage to the nerves.

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