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Dearest Readers, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the start of the season!

Since the eagerly anticipated release of Season 3, Bridgerton has captivated us, immersing us once again in its opulent world filled with luxurious gowns, intricate frills, lace trimmings, and pastel hues perfect for the spring season.

With our collective obsession with Bridgerton in full swing, here are 15 Bridgerton-inspired nail designs to make you feel equally glamorous.

15 Bridgerton-Inspired Nail Looks To Try

Pearly Princesscore Tips

Credits: @nailexx_/Instagram

Embrace your inner royalty with this luxurious pink manicure adorned with roses, lace, and pearls. The soft chromatic finish gives a subtle contemporary charm, while the intricate details evoke the feeling of 19th-century London.

Blueberry Milk Flowers Tips

Credits: @bryannalynnexo/Instagram

Time for a tea party! Enjoy tea and cakes with these light blue floral nail tips. Embellished with silver detailing that winds around the tips like vines, they exude a charming garden party vibe.

Perfect for those seeking a simple yet elegant nail design.

Diamond Studs

Credits: @sansungnails/Instagram

Shine bright like the belles of the season with these nails. Apply a thin layer of translucent pink shimmer polish and accentuate with sparkly diamond studs to make your nails stand out!

Rose Lace Tips

Credits: @gelnails_byhannah/Instagram

For a hint of subtle Bridgerton charm, these delicate rose tips are perfect. The intricate roses and lace provide a three-dimensional effect that will leave people swooning. Moreover, for those who prefer shorter nails, the painted tips create the illusion of longer nails!

Lily Pond Inspired Nails

Credits: @jod.nails/Instagram

Inspired by the natural hues of a lily pond, this nail set evokes the feeling of a calming walk in the park on a warm summer day. Featuring stunning water-colour ombre effects and a subtle chrome shine, it exudes a quiet, serene beauty.

Dainty Strawberries

Credits: @77k.studio/Instagram

Rococo, a design style originating from France in the early 1700s, is characterised by its ornate details and soft pastel colours. These delicate strawberry designs look straight out of a painting and gracefully embody this period-specific trend.

Keep-It-Simple Bows

Credits: @nailsbyelisee/Instagram

There’s nothing quite like a classic white French tip! For a subtle, feminine touch, add tiny bows to maintain Bridgerton vibes!

Blue Bows

Credits: @aprils.nailz/Instagram

This set is living proof that the coquette bow design rocks in every colour!

Blue ribbons add just the right pop to an otherwise sleek and simple manicure. Feeling the coquette theme? Go all out and add a bow to every fingertip! There will never be too many bows.

Blooming Springtime Flowers

Credits: @nails.bycandance/Instagram

These nails are a perfect blend of elegance and cuteness, featuring blooming flowers and a vibrant pop of green grass. It’s like bringing the essence of spring to your fingertips!

Three-Dimensional Flowers

Credits: @nuha.nailedit/Instagram

Channel your inner garden fairy with this enchanting three-dimensional nail art! From lifelike flowers to charming butterflies, every detail pops, making your nails feel truly magical.

Balletcore Nails

Credits: @unblunt____/Instagram

Balletcore is trending right now, featuring its iconic pointe shoe criss-cross pattern! This set includes other subtle elements like silver swans and diamond studs, perfectly tying the look together.

Lady Whistledown Silhouette

Credits: @sianails_beauty/Instagram

For major fans of Lady Whistledown, this intricate manicure features a pastel pink miniature portrait on one nail, inspired directly by Lady Whistledown’s society papers!

Green Maximalist Glam

Credits: @psykhenails/Instagram

For those who love over-the-top glamorous things, this set is for you! Exuding Regency luxury with its bold green colour and unique charms, this set is sure to awe.

Pastel Floral Press-Ons

Credits: @oaklestudio/Instagram

Who doesn’t love the convenience of press-on nails? And guess what? They don’t compromise on style!

These whimsical floral designs with gold accents exude a regency yet fun vibe, perfect for on-the-go glam.

Gold Galore

Credits: @nailsbyeric.a/Instagram

This gold manicure set embodies glamorous elegance. We imagine it’s exactly what the Featherington family would choose to wear if they could!