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There’s a new nail queen in town, and her name is the “butter glazed Frenchie”!

Remember butter yellow, the sunshine shade that took over our feeds this spring? Well, it’s back – but this time, it’s getting a French tip makeover with a glossy, glazed finish. Think classic French mani with a trendy, summery twist.

It’s no surprise the It girls have adopted these nails too, with the likes of Selena Gomez, Sabrina Carpenter, and Beyonce rocking their shiny digits.

Here’s everything you need to know about “butter glazed French” nails and 15 nail designs for your next manicure appointment!

What Are “Butter Glazed Frenchies”?

Credits: @/lydiamcmains/ Tiktok

Forget choosing just one trend – “butter glazed Frenchies” are the viral new manicure that combines three must-haves into one irresistible look.

This sunny manicure combines the gorgeous butter yellow shade with the timeless elegance of a French tip, and a glazed or chrome finish to create an irresistible, summer-ready design.

15 “Butter Glazed Frenchie” Nail Designs to Get You Inspired

Classic Butter Glazed French Tips

Credits: @/heluviee/ Instagram

The O.G of this trend is just a simple French tip in the adorable butter yellow colour! Opt for almond-shaped nails for that classic look, or get bold with different nail shapes. It’s up to you.

Remember to add a layer of chrome powder for that glazed shine.

All Over Butter Yellow Nails

Credits: @/marydominiquee/ Instagram

Loving this trend? Adorn each nail in the opaque butter yellow shade with an edgy chrome finish.

Tiny Cherry Frenchies

Credits: @/tiffanyabigailebeauty/ Instagram

Summer season is all about fresh fruits, so why not add some to your nails?

This adorable cherry nail art has been seen on It girl Hailey Bieber. What a cute little addition!

Floral Power Nail

Florals, for summer? Groundbreaking, indeed.

On a clean base, paint on delicate mini florals for a unique touch that elevates this set from ordinary to unforgettable.

Butter Yellow Aura Nails

Create this aura effect to capture the essence of the summer sun on your nails. Combine butter yellow and vibrant orange polishes to create a soft gradient that mimics the sun’s glow.

For an extra dose of shine, add a dazzling layer of gold chrome.

Baby HoneyBee Nails

Credits: @/mydumbnails/ Instagram

Imagine strolling through a vibrant flower field with these adorable baby honeybee nails!

Elevate the classic butter glazed French tips by adding tiny, buzzing bees. The bees perfectly complement the yellow hue, creating a cohesive and delightful summer look.

Butter Yellow Rockstar Nails

Credits: @/yo_keshh/ Instagram

Channel your inner rockstar with these bold yellow nails.

Combine butter yellow and neon yellow polishes for a striking lemon-yellow hue. The stark white stars create a stunning contrast against the yellow base.

Finish with a chrome top coat for an iridescent gleam that takes this look over the top.

Starry Butter Yellow Nails

Credits: @/pressed.byp/ Instagram

Shine bright like a diamond with these bejewelled star nails!

Spice up your classic French tips with stunning chrome gold stars on each finger. Add tiny gems to the centre of each star for that three-dimensional flair.

Summer Holiday Hibiscus Nails

Credits: @/nails.miastudio/ Instagram

This set is a tropical dream. Vibrant pink hibiscus flowers bloom against a backdrop of butter yellow, creating a cheerful and eye-catching look.

The pop of pink perfectly complements any colourful summer outfit, making you beach-ready instantly!

Lemon Butter Glazed Nails

Credits: @/inailzit/ Instagram

Calling our glam queens! This set is perfect for you.

This set features three-dimensional nail art resembling lemon flesh. It’s hands down (pun intended) the perfect summer nail look! Top it off with a few yellow gems.

Swirly Butter Yellow Frenchies

Credits: @/majestyspleasure/ Instagram

Feeling a little quirky today? This set is for you!

It’s like someone bottled up a sunny day and swirled it on your fingertips. Want to mix things up? Alternate your butter yellows with other shades.

Bejewelled Glazed Frenchies

Credits: @/ceesclaws/ Instagram

This set is for our “clean girls” looking for simpler nails. Swap the stars for delicate gems for a touch of sparkling elegance.

Want to tone down the yellow? Simply add a touch of white polish to create a softer yellow base. Finish it all off with a pearlescent chrome for a look that’s both modern and effortlessly chic.

Dainty Floral Frenchies

Credits: @/nailsbyalsn/ Instagram

Ditch the classic French tip on a couple of fingers and embrace your inner artist with these delicate white flowers.

They’ll add a touch of whimsy and charm to your butter yellow manicure!

Little Heart Glazed Nails

Instead of painting each nail the same butter-yellow shade, switch out the design for some teeny gold chrome hearts.

The more, the merrier! This playful design is guaranteed to make you smile.

Butter Yellow Bows Nails

Credits: @/nailsbyalsn/ Instagram

Calling all coquette girls!

These dainty pink bows are the perfect finishing touch for your butter yellow French manicure. Get ready to serve major vibes with these adorable nail bows.